I'm Shocked – He Did WHAT?

Just heard an example of some of the most blatant, grotesquely incompetent business practice you could imagine.

Somebody should chain that idiot to his mixing desk… honestly.


Here’s the story:

Some six years ago, I met an English couple, who were visiting here in town.

They invited me and my then-girlfriend over for dinner, and we were introduced to their daughter.

She was about 22 then, and she had just started recording her own songs, with the same producer who does Joss Stone’s records.

Wine was uncorked, fun was had, demo tapes were played – her artist name is Ava Leigh – and we were just blown away by her voice.

That chick has TALENT. Amazing. What a voice.

And with a big name producer, her future should have been peachy.

Except, Mr. Producer got involved in promotion, and I just wish he hadn’t…


Some time after visiting my town, Ava performed in a large nightclub in London.

Jools Holland, the famous guy who keeps revealing enormous talent on radio and TV, was in the audience.

He was digging that stuff, and not a little bit.

And Jools Holland is influential: if you get to talk to him, a world of possibilities opens up.

The most logical is being on his TV show, and get seen by oodles of music lovers.


Quite the opportunity. All lost

Show ends, Mr. Producer goes up to Mr. Jools, and hands him a CD of the new songs.

Except – you won’t believe the sheer stupidity – he gave the man simply a home-burned CD. Without a case, without as much as a sleeve.

No photo, no contact details, no liner notes. Nothing.

Not even effing track titles!

It just said, written with a felt-tip pen: “Ava Leigh”.

A few weeks later, Jools is recording his radio show.

“Now I’m going to play a track by Ava Leigh – but I can’t tell you what it’s called because there’s no info with the CD, no track numbers. Enjoy”.

Talk about screwing up the biggest chance you could get…

She could have been on national TV, in front of exactly the right audience.

But because there was nobody who knew what they were doing, from a promotional point of view, she lost her big chance.

Shocking, that an industry insider like that producer could do something so incredibly dumb.

They should have just created a simple but nice little liner, with track titles, a photo, website and contact details.

A handwritten note saying “Mr. Jools, thank you so much for coming to the show. Hope you enjoy the CD”.



Practically free (what’s the cost of printing off one page on glossy paper?)


But it didn’t happen.


The moral of the story:

Whether you make art, or music, or copy, or anything: you need to know how to promote and sell that stuff

And if you’re going to rely on someone to do it for you, for God’s sake choose someone whose job it is to do that stuff.

You don’t ask a baker to cook up a four-course meal – you get a chef to do it.

Or, you take a cookbook written by a chef, and learn how to do it yourself.

For which purpose I’ve cooked you up some LEAP.

Spend a few months with me, and I’m pretty sure you’ll never do anything like what that guy did.

And, you’ll probably get a ho’ bunch more sales, too.

In fact, LEAP #2 is going to be special: It’ll show you how to, very quickly, build a small but viable list, and it’s going to come with a free bonus cheat sheet telling you how to, within a month, earn at least the cost of LEAP back that very month.

Stay tuned, I’ll explain more tomorrow.

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