I'm Excited. You?

Busy times at the Stellar residence.

Preparing to ship LEAP 4 (registration ends tomorrow).

Doing research for a client project (yes, I made an exception and took on a copywriting gig – don’t tell anyone)

Planning for the last months of the year – I intend to be in Ireland by December 1st, to spend 6 weeks holed up next to a fireplace, and write my novel in one fell swoop.

Friends over from the UK.

Recording podcast episodes.

Talking lots with Jimmy – he and I are forging some plans and a partnership that you’re going learn a lot from, and he’ll probably be a regular on the podcast.

Oh, and preparing a bunch of guest posts.

Yes yes, yer little Stellar isn’t letting this summer pass him by.

I’m getting stuff DONE, and it’s exhilarating.

Like I always tell you to do something, get busy, take action?

Yeah – I’m taking that medicine myself, and dude – it’s the bomb.

Anyway, what with me being all excited and stuff, and LEAP #4 being a handy little manual to get you off on the good foot with your email marketing, let me keep this short and proffer an action.

It’s simple.

Just LEAP: http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/

You get:

– email marketing action steps

– do’s and don’t’s to make sure people keep opening your emails and are actually looking forward to them

– a special section on writing subject headers people just have to click

– an instructional for writing calls to action people don’t even notice – except for those times they click and you make a sale

– the condensed version of many years of study into psychology, influence, triggers, (email) marketing sales and persuasion etc, neatly packed into an action manual

Plus, extrafree bonus: a heavy dose of pure motivation, injected straight into your veins. I’m kinda clever that way.

I’m also ridiculously (embarrassingly?) cocky, it would seem, so let’s tone that down and look at the essentials:

Whatever I know, I learned from people, books, study, observation, meditation, asking questions, listening…

It’s nothing special – but it’s many years and altogether it’s a lot.

Each month I pick a topic (email marketing for September) and stuff as much as I can into 16 pages.

It’s expensive, and it’s not easy.

You’ll find it confrontational at times, you’ll notice there’s little room for excuses.

It’s also something exclusively for people who take action and stick with it.

And, only for people who understand that something like a monthly expert marketing course is a (valuable!) investment, and not a cost.

Meaning: you buy it so that off the back of making the investment, and putting the material into action, you make more money.

‘s called ’investor mindset’.

So that’s it.

If you want to invest in yourself and your business, this is one way.

I don’t think it’s a bad way, either.

So go on the: LEAP –> http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/



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