If You Think It's Interesting, You've Missed the Point

These emails that I write, they’re not meant for just the mind.

Nor is the LEAP newsletter, or the mentorship reviews, or the email replies I send students.

When you read my stuff and you think it’s interesting, you’re only getting a small percentage of what it’s really meant to do.

Of course there’s rational messaging in it, explanation and instruction.

But that’s only the first stage – it’s Martin knocking on your mind’s door asking permission to come in.

After that, there’s a much larger and deeper effect that I write to achieve.

It works like this:

The things I write, your mind can accept. After that, the ideas are intended to bleed over into your subconscious, so that emotional and intuitive processes can interact with the intellectual understanding of these concepts and instructions.

Given enough time and enough ideas, that is meant to create a strong emotional liking for your own personal extract of those ideas that are useful to you.

That emotions needs to become so strong that your will decides to – hell yes! – go put things into action.

And then, of course, you get busy and get stuff done.

That’s the ideal situation, at least.

That’s why I write.

But if you read things (mine or those of others) and you don’t go beyond the intellectual “Oh that’s very interesting”, if you do nothing more than shelve it away along with all the other Very Interesting Ideas, what have you achieved?

Nothing whatsoever.

All you’ll have done is increased your intelligence, and let me tell you this: Intelligence and knowledge are entirely futile by themselves.

The value of an idea lies in its implementation, and the purpose of knowledge is to let it guide you into directed, well-considered action.

So often I see people liking ideas and teachings, but then they don’t do anything with it.

Mental masturbation, is what I call it. “Oh look at how smart I’ve become”.

Yes Sonnyboy, but what are you going to DO with those smarts?

Put them to use!

Myself, I spent two decades learning about meditation, how it can rewire the brain, how it can solve inner problems, whither away traumas, change your perception.

But it was all academic, nothing more than intellectual understanding.

It wasn’t until last year that I actually, really, started to put things into practice.

The results have been amazing.

Again: if you think it’s interesting, you’ve missed the point.

Same thing with the LEAP system.

Some people sign up, read the 16 pages, and file it away without actually making any use of it.

If that’s you, don’t sign up because it won’t help you sell more art.

The LEAP newsletter is for people who take action, folks who let ideas simmer and procreate new ideas, and who then sally forth and get busy putting those ideas into practice.

If you’re not like that, you’re better off spending your time in the studio.

Think about which kind you are, and if you qualify you can sign up here –> http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/



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