If I Had a Tailor…

I’d tailor in the morning…

I’d tailor in the evening…

All over this a-land…


I still have my whole workshop: machines, dummies and all.

It’s tucked away untidily in a room I rarely enter, and it’s all been doing a stellar job at collecting dust for many years now.

Still, if I had the opportunity I would love to start something.

Especially now that I know how to sell – something I had no idea of ten years ago.

Which is part of the reasons I burnt through my $150.000 inheritance.


Another reason was my stupid refusal to do any marketing

Important lesson yo: You can make money when you have money, but only if you invest it wisely.

Which means you need to include marketing.

With the 20/20 hindsight that is so typical of me, I could say that if I had known then what I know now about marketing and sales, I could well have been a millionaire by this time. Who knows.

It doesn’t matter: I’m in Spain, I’m a copywriter, I’m happy and I have clients I love working with.

The tailoring?

Maybe some day, if ever I find a tailor who is able to make a true-to-the-art handmade bespoke 2-piece.

I’m not going back to the bench myself – my tailoring days are over.

But I would love to set up some sort of joint venture with a skilled guy.

Or girl, though for some reason there are far fewer women who learn men’s tailoring than there are men.

It’s probably because tailors are a pretty naughty bunch.

Point in case: the finishers, the ladies who work at home, and who receive finished suits to put in the buttonholes as the final step – they’re called kippers in the UK.

The story goes that this is because finishers always work in pairs, just like the two fried fish – kippers – that come with a full English breakfast come in pairs.


Because you can’t trust a tailor to visit a lady finisher, to drop off suits and take delivery. Not if she’s by herself.


I wouldn’t know – I never had a finisher, I always made the buttonholes myself.

Besides, I’m pretty harmless

Though I have been known to smile broadly and say to a woman: “I’m a scoundrel”.

Which is an interesting experiment in social psychology, I must say. But that’s a different story.

Anyway: if you happen to know an accomplished tailor who wants to build a rocking business, send him over and I’ll market his suits for him. Like you wouldn’t believe.

He’ll have to be willing though to work like a slave at the hands of an inhumane and cruel taskmaster, so there’s that.

Eh, who am I kidding. Even if there would be any tailors left, none of them young squirts have any idea of the sheer pitbull-ness you need to make it in business.

They just want to learn how to stitch a fancy jacket, and then they go open up shop calling themselves ‘bespoke tailor’ or ‘fashion designer’.

Excuse me while I scoff angrily.


You know what makes a tailor? Hundreds of suits, tens of thousands of hours on the bench. With a needle and a thimble.

Until your back creaks, your fingertips are more perforated than a sieve, your eyes can no longer focus and your knuckles are swollen from the steam and working the shears.

THAT’S how you become a tailor.

No shortcuts, no easy fixes, no magic pills.

Just hours. Many of them.

Exactly the same as business: hard work pays off, magic pills don’t exist

And guess what?

One night at 4AM you’re about to switch off the lights and go home, you give one more look at the coat, sitting there finished on the dummy, ready for Mr. Fancy Customer to pick up in the morning, and suddenly…

…you see the customer in it. For the first time, you realize that all those hours have paid off, that the piece is so well made and fits so well, that it looks as if the guy is there, wearing it.
It’s an indescribable feeling, like hallucinating. You look at it, and you just see the guy in it.

Just like the feeling you get when you write your emails, practice your writing, keep persistently being relentless (no typo) in talking to your people and suddenly…

Hey ho – they start writing back and giving you business.

It’s a magical feeling, and I still love it with zest each time it happens.


And you can have that same thing happen for yourself, provided you get busy and start emailing daily.

Not sure, need help, want to write better – want to shorten the learning curve and do it right, right from the start?

Then get ye onboard the starship mentorprise, where I’ll take you on an unforgettable journey into you as a powerful, fluent, sales-getting email writer.

Meaning: show you quick smart how to write fast, fun emails that people love to buy from.

But come prepared: daily practice is required if you want it to work.

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