I Wish I Could, But I Can't – It Wouldn't Help

Talked to a friend last night about this mentorship program of mine.

He insists I shouldn’t offer it as a 3-month course, but instead offer reviews as one-off purchases.

That way the threshold is lower, the investment is in reach of more people, and I should be able to sell more of them, right?

Correct. I could put it up as a special offer and probably sell more of them.

Could. But won’t.

Several reasons.

For one thing, ‘selling more’ is not my goal.

‘Helping more people by selling more’ is the name of the game.

And that’s why one-off reviews are not an option.

It wouldn’t help much.

Sure you could purchase one review and learn some writing techniques. That’s useful.

But would it really solve a problem?

Would it show you how to build a relationship with your readers?

Would it teach you consistency?

Would you learn how to be agile in crafting a call to action that works, instead of pushing people off your list with it?

Would you learn how to make headlines and ledes work and pull readers in, if you get just one review?

Would one review turn you into someone who riffs off a daily email with ease, in 30 minutes flat, before you even finish your morning coffee?

I doubt it. All those benefits and effects and results – you get them with consistent, extended and intensive practice. Schooling and training are where it’s at.

Think of it like this: Imagine you want to learn how to play the guitar.

Would you go for just one lesson and then do all the rest of your learning alone, at home?

Of course not: You know as well as I do that there’s nothing like a skilled teacher if you want to really get good at something.

Nobody would go for one lesson. It just wouldn’t make sense – you’d get a blister but no further results.

Maybe you think it’s strange that I make this mentorship so hard to obtain, but there’s actually method to my madness.

It isn’t for everybody: Only people who are driven and passionate, who want to invest, and who are ready to commit to massive action will get the audience and clients I keep talking about.

Someone who doesn’t have that drive, they wouldn’t benefit and they shouldn’t buy.

I only want to work with people who know how to get their ass in gear.

Because those people are the only ones who get results.


And for me, it’s no fun to sell something unless it gets results for my client.

But what about the rest of my readers?

What about the people – maybe you – who would love to get my help, but just don’t have the funds at the moment?

To be honest, I don’t know.

It’s a quandary I’ve been trying to solve for weeks. I’d love to offer something truly useful at a pricepoint below $100.

But I honestly don’t know how to shape that. And I’m not going to cobble together something marginal just so I’ll have a new offer to make.

If you have any ideas, I’d be happy to know your opinion.

Otherwise, all I can say is: Keep reading, implement as much as you can, and above all: Write, write as often as you possibly can.

And when you’re ready to get help and get real good at writing, you go here to sign me up –>  http://www.martinstellar.com/starship-mentorprise-writing-coach/



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