I Just Turned Down a $10,000 Gig

Because that is, apparently, how I roll.

Honestly, some days I don’t know how I manage to survive.

It was a great gig too.

A guy in the USA, a doctor and nutritionist.

Is featured on TV, has written a few New York Times Bestsellers.

I like his brand, his product, his way of thinking.

He’s willing to invest the money it will take.

By all accounts you would say it’s the perfect gig.

And yet, I can’t. The project would take three months of hard work, and I can’t free up that time.

Thing is, I’ve just taken a large job last week, and it’s going to keep me busy for quite a while.

It would be impossible to combine the two projects.

Even if $10,000 sounds good.

The upshot of it is that I can still take smaller jobs, like email series or salespages. Things like that don’t take three months of hard work.

That’s why they don’t cost $10,000, much less in fact.

And smaller jobs are a lot of fun.

It’s more direct, I get to deal closely with my clients.

That makes it an agile process, and that makes it a lot easier to optimise things like a launch or an email campaign.

Anyway: You might want to consider talking to me about some copy, because it’s October now.

And I just happen to be privy to some information you might find interesting: The vast majority of Christmas spending happens in October and November.

You would do well to start thinking about an offer you can make, so you can get yourself some more sales over the coming months.

Yes it’s early in the year, but I tell you: People are already looking for presents. they’ll be buying within weeks. Days, maybe.

They could be buying from you.

Here’s where to enlist my help: www.martinstellar.com/copywriting-services/

I’ll get you the copy that sells, and a strategy to make it work.




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