I Just Got Sold to and Rarely Am I This Happy

Not only is it my birthday (that means presents for you – more on that later today), but I also was able to finally give a big, fat, offense, rabidly angry middle finger to my ISP.

They’re called Movistar here in Spain – but that’s just a new name they took on because of the royally screwed reputation Telefonica has built for themselves. Telefonica – Movistar = same same.


Walking through town yesterday, I saw three guys with Jazztel uniforms and clipboards.

I remember Jazztel from a few years ago, and they rock. But, in this town they had no coverage so I had no choice but to go with Movistar when I moved back here a year ago.

And I really didn’t want to sign up with Movistar, because they suck hairy monkey balls.

I stopped the guys:

“Excuse me, are you selling connections?”

“Yes! Just since the last three days we have full coverage in town. This is the offer we have…”

I went home, called Jazztel, confirmed the offer, and proceeded to sign up right then and there

Such a massive relief.

Here’s why:

First of all, Telefonica (Movistar) is a dinosaur of a company: inefficient to a level Kafka would have drooled over.

I once tried to sign up with them, and over the course of two weeks had to re-signup 7 times – each time I called to ask when I’d be hooked up, they had ‘no record of your contract or request’.

When I finally had enough of that game, I called up another provider who came round and connected me the same day. Then I called Telefonica to cancel, and hey presto: the very next day at 9 there was a Telefonica technician in my street asking access to my house so he could hook me up.

But that’s not the worst of it.

What really irks me with Telefonica is how much ‘right’ they appropriate

To them, my being a client means they have the right to call me at any time – evening, siesta, weekends – to offer me more, better services.

And they do: persistently and aggressively and very very frequently.

“But I don’t want a 48 channel TV connection. I’ve told your colleague this yesterday – can you set that on my profile please? To not call me about this offer anymore?”

“Of course sir, we won’t call you again”.

Same day: “Hi – it’s Telefonica, we have a fantastic offer on TV connections!”


And constantly calling me up, trying to get me to sign up for a mobile phone line – “already have one, thank you very much.

Besides, given how displeased I am with you guys, I sure as hell am not going to ditch my current mobile provider and sign up with you.”

But the calls persist.

Even worse: the people they have working or them are some of the hardest, most aggressive and most stubborn telemarketers you could find.

A simple “No thank you, I don’t like TV and I don’t want TV” isn’t enough: They just nag on and on and on:

“But do you not like to watch football? With our offer you get to see the Champions League and…”

“No, I don’t like football. I don’t want TV”.

“Movie channels, Channel+…”

“Listen, I’m trying to be polite, but I have work to do and I’m not interested”.

“But sir, are you not interested in saving money on a different phone contract?”

“NO, I’m interested in you guys leaving me alone and me getting on with my work”.

“But sir…”

“Muy buenas tardes”. *click*

Business ethics, folks

Yes, Telefonica runs a profitable business this way.

Proof: It’s the single largest phone company in South America. No surprise, with such aggressive marketing. The owner of the shop competes with Bill Gates for richest man in the world (fact).

But the company is reviled and loathed throughout Spain.

I would be very surprised if they even have a file called “happy customers”.

They are, very clearly, in it for the money and screw the customer.

Jazztel however is a breath of fresh air

At no point during my call, or indeed when talking to the guy on the street, was I pressured.

No manipulation, no sly tactics, no seduction – like I always say:

“This is the offer, this is what it costs. These are the terms and conditions, and this is the guarantee. If you like to get this, here’s how to proceed. Thank you for your time sir”.

Brilliant, beautiful – and actually?

It was pleasant, fun and agreeable to be sold to.

That lady on the phone was there to help me decide whether or not the offer was right for me.

No pressure.

You see how marketing and selling doesn’t have to be icky?

There’s no need to be unethical or manipulative

In fact – if you don’t take the manipulation approach, and just give people the info they need based on the problem you can solve for them, they’ll be happy to buy from you.

They’ll enjoy the experience of being presented with an offer. They might even thank you for it.

They’ll even write emails and guest posts about how much they enjoyed the experience of you marketing to them.

The amount of goodwill this builds is staggering

But I mean: massive.

Telefonica is forced to spend insane amounts of money on advertising to compensate for the sheer distrust and revile people have against them.

Jazztel can save a large cut of that money, because people like me, who know them or have heard of them, are already predisposed to like them and buy from them.

Just tell people what you can do for them, why they’ll benefit, and show them where to sign – IF they themselves decide that they want to buy.

Like I do here, for example, on my Mentorship page: –> http://www.martinstellar.com/starship-mentorprise-writing-coach/

Because hey, email marketing happens to be one of those ways of marketing that people really enjoy, and it gets you sales too.

And it’s what I teach, so if you’re smart, and you’re ready, and willing to invest in your business, I’ll show you how to get the sales just by sending emails.

And if you do that today, I’m going to – because it’s my birthday – give you a 15% discount, valid till Friday Midnight.

And if you’re not ready or able to invest – don’t worry. I’ve got a freebie for you – I’ll give you the link later today.




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