I Have An Etsy Shop, Now What?

A local friend created an Etsy shop last weekend.

Facebook page to go along with it, a whole bunch of crisp new photos of her paintings.

Love the camels she does.

The sweltering dry heat coming off those frames makes your throat dry.

So I scraped said throat, and said: “So *cough* how are you going to get people to see your work?”

Yep, you can always count on me for asking the questions you don’t want to hear.

But hey, I wouldn’t do her any favour if I’d just laud her for taking action.

Because there’s also a ‘next’, a ‘what now’.

No surprise, she had no answer.

So I told her this:

Start with lists, of everyone you know who might be interested.

First one, all the people who have ever bought from you.

Next, all the places where you’ve had exhibitions.

Then, all the friends and family you have who support you in your art sales endeavour.

Don’t think about it too much, don’t ask yourself if they would want to hear from you or buy from you – just fill the page, and then take another page and fill that.

You want names, as many as possible.

If you don’t have their contact details, don’t worry.

You’ll be able to figure out most of them by Googling, or by asking mutual contacts.

Then, you create a short, happy and excited email for each of those lists, to rekindle the connection and chirp that you’ve started posting your work online.

Include links and share buttons, and do make sure you end with a call to action.

Not to buy your art, but to ask them the favour of sharing your page on social media.

That simple.

Of course this by itself won’t get you all the sales you want, but it will get your name out there, and your art in front of people.

And that’s where it all starts.

A shop – online or sticks&bricks is no good unless people see it.

Even more so if it’s Etsy, where you’re right in the middle of countless other artists.

And if you want to build in a turbo, connect a contest to it:

Tell them that the person who share most often will receive a free framed print of a painting of their choosing.

Use a service like Rafflecopter or similar to track the numbers, and you’re off to the races.

Next, build your email list with the people who shared.

Either add them directly, or send an email to ask if they want to sign up.

In the first case you get a higher number, in the second case it’ll be fewer people, but with more explicit permission – a strategic choice.



Also simple: clicking this link, and signing up for LEAP –> http://martinstellar.com/leap-to-more-sales/



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