I Can't Help Myself – You Gotta See This

Most copywriters are more than happy to write a page for you and get paid for it.

Problem is, a page of copy is only part of the equation. There’s a lot that goes into the mix: SEO, strategy, funnels, traffic, followup, offer and price – that sort of thing.

That’s why I think – arrogantly, perhaps – that I’m not a bad choice if you want to grow your business, because I happen to be kind of good at that stuff.

As evidenced by the following testimonial that I received yesterday:

“While Martin’s sales copy is what blew me away initially, his talents as a business coach and mentor deserve similar accolades.

Before I met Martin, I had very little idea of how to run my freelance business. Not only did Martin have tons of useful advice and insight, he also broke down the overwhelming parts into manageable steps.

I now feel more confident than ever about my business proposition and value. Martin got me started on writing blog entries, and I have a plan in place to communicate with my customers over the next year.

Martin is a great business coach and mentor. I highly recommend any freelancer or small business owner to invest in getting a slice of Martin’s time.”

I can only agree.

By the way, that’s a real testimonial, from a real person. If you’re serious about working with me, let me know and I’ll give you her email address.

Or you can just do the right thing right now: Book me for copy, or consulting, or a mix of both. You’ll come out happy, like the lady who wrote that testimonial.

You’ll be making more sales too. Get started here: http://martinstellar.com/copywriting-services/

Talk soon,


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