Hype copy: Even More Devastating Than You Might Think

Yesterday I told you about hype copy, and what a filthy beast it is.

But hype copy (or aggressive marketing strategies in general) have a dark side beyond a lack of ethics.

See, if you sell based on hype and scare-tactics, you attract the wrong kind of customers.

When you use hype you prey on the weak.

That’s dirty, but it also means that you’ll get buyers who buy only because they are scared.

After all, hype is a mix of overblown claims (eww) and frantically pushing pinpoints (scaring people).

If you generate a sale with that, you may have closed, but you’ll also have a problem.

People who let hype persuade them are bad clients.

They purchase for the wrong reasons.

They’re worried that without your products their lives will be bad.

But they don’t buy because they want the solution – they ONLY want to avoid negative consequences.

They just want to avoid whatever pain you’ve scared them with.

The result is a customer who isn’t likely to benefit from your offer.

That kind of person won’t read your eBook.

They won’t take your coaching advice to heart.

They won’t learn how your software works.

They won’t take an active part in your membership site.

And they won’t be the kind of happy, excited customers who rave about you to their friends.

Instead they’ll be more likely to ask for a refund.

So you’ll have been shouting to get to buy from you, and then you have to turn around and hand back that cash.

And then you have to shout more hype copy, at other people, hoping that you’ll get sales out of those people.

And hope that in that group of buyers you won’t get too many refunds. And so on and so forth, ad nauseam.

Pretty useless, if you ask me.

So we’re clear, yes? No hype.

If that leaves you with the question “But how then do I sell my stuff?”

Simple: you lay down the facts in a persuasive way – or you have me do that for you.

You get persuasive copy without hype – meaning you get buyers who will buy for the right reasons.

And that’s the kind of buyer who will truly benefit from her or his purchase, and that means they’re very likely to become ambassadors for your brand.

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