Hunt it Down and Drag it Back to Your Cave

“You’re in a good mood today”.

She stops humming, and while handing me my loaf of bread, she says:

“Actually, I’m not feeling well today”.

She sees my surprise and with a little smile she tells me: “When the Spanish start singing, that’s when you know there’s something wrong”

Ah yes, the flamenco mentality: “Ayayayay, tell me God why life is so unfair”.

I walk home, pondering the marvel of living in this country with these wonderful people.

Not that it’s always easy though.

In Andalusia, and especially in this town, there’s a definite defeatist mentality.
So many small business owners who just don’t believe that things can change, or that making an effort makes a difference.

It hurts me to see it when yet another shop or restaurant closes.

“There just are no more people showing up”, they tell me.

“But did you try to get people through the door though?”

“It’s no use, people just…”

And then they go on about how bad the economy is, how empty all the holiday rentals, and how the government and the banks etc etc.


But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Just yesterday I went to a delicatessen for some goat’s cheese, and I was amazed.

The guy had remodeled his premises, created more space, and suddenly there was three times more choice in cheeses, jamon iberico and wines.

And the guy isn’t cheap – his stuff is really good and worth the high price ticket.

And what’s more: he’s doing well.

But, he’s not one of those people who wait in quiet desperation for the economy to fix itself.

He sees what’s missing, and he goes out to fix it.

It’s all very nice to think back to recent history, the good times we had, and lament that the good times they just ain’t no longer rolling.

But don’t forget that the prosperity we enjoyed after WWII wasn’t natural to our state as human beings.

All throughout our history, we’ve had to do the work.

If you wanted to eat, you had to go out of your cave, hunt something down and schlep it back to your cave where your mate had to carve it up with a sharp piece of flint.

Or you had to dig furrows in the soil, wait for your ‘taters to grow, and dig them up after months of watering.

We’ve been spoiled, is what I’m saying.

And it’s caused a terribly handicapped mindset, which is precisely why I write these pieces:

To show you that if you change your mind, you can change the way reality presents itself to you.

Because I guarantee: if you take responsibility and ownership, and you go out to hunt for clients, you’ll see things change.

Who knows, you might even end up being a very successful or even wealthy *gulp* artist.

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