Huh… A Perspective That Even I Had Never Considered Before…

…and another perspective I consider a lot, and use every day.

Here’s the story:

A while ago while coaching a client, he said something that had me stumped.

Because his perspective was something completely new to me.

His name is Richard Hall of, and he gave me permission to share with you:


I so much look forward to these weekly calls, Martin.

They’re so very helpful.

You’re our secret weapon.


Secret weapon… me?

Ha, I love that, I really do.

Makes sense though.

See when I started coaching, there was a lot of advice-giving involved.

Do this, do that, step one and two and three…

But as I got better at it, I discovered that it’s FAR more effective to work on the ‘in-here’ rather than on things to do.

After all, there’s plenty of teaching available out there.

Pricing, sales psychology, social media or how to run shows or get into galleries…

Name an issue you want to get better at, and there’s a book or course or webinar for it.

But what you can’t get from a book, at least not as fast and intensely deep, is seeing what you’re not saying.


When I coach people, what someone says is only one side of the story.

What interests me is what people are NOT saying.

The things that are hidden behind the evident and the obvious.

That’s the perspective that interests me.

Because those inner and hidden things are causal to the effects and the reality we build.

What happens on the inside, in your sub-conscious, that’s the stuff that either builds your success or sabotages it.

And that’s exactly the kind of thing we work on.

And that’s why the ‘secret weapon’ perspective makes so much sense.

Anyone you know who has done big or impressive ambitious things did it because they changed… on the inside.

All of them, always.

Sometimes when people ask me what I do, I say that I’m a therapist for people who don’t have problems.

Which is of course a joke, but only halfway so.

Everyone has problems of some sort, and some things need attention and work.

But I’m not a therapist, or counselor or analyst.

I’m a coach, which means I look for your biggest ambition, your biggest, most hairy, most audacious goal, and then we work to prepare you to reach that goal, one step at a time.

In other words: change starts with the individual, on the inside.

It’s only from that point of origin that the outside world will change.

Which Richard (and his wife Sharon – I coach them together during our sessions) have seen happen.

Over the last half year or so, they’ve seen huge change happen.

And I wish the same for you.

But only if you want change.

Do you?

Then maybe The Cabal will be right for you.

You can either schedule a call with me here:

Or, go to this page to find out more about what The Cabal for business is all about:

Either way, whether you want to join the Cabal or not… if you’re looking for different results, ask yourself these questions:

What’s good in your life?

What’s missing in your life?

What is keeping it out?

Chew on those for  a while, make lists, brainstorm – see what happens.

Or join the movement and we’ll work on it together.



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