How You Can Be as Strong as Bruce Lee

“But I worked on that site of a year and a half, Martin!

“Yes”, I tell my friend. And it looked good, and the articles were well-written. But then you threw in the towel”.

She looks at me: “But nobody called me. A year and a half, Martin.”

So I tell her: “It’s the other way round: you don’t keep plugging away at your business because people start calling you.

Instead, people start calling you because you keep plugging away at it.

“Yes but, after all that time?, still no calls?”

I didn’t argue further with her.

She’d tried, she’d built something beautiful that should have been promoted more, and then she quit, too soon.

Maybe her need wasn’t big enough.

Maybe she didn’t have the drive to keep at it.

Or maybe it was that bastard boyfriend of hers at that time – I’m pretty sure he must have tried to persuade her to drop the project.

Either way: if you’re going to make something work, it’ll never work if you stop before it actually works.

And sometimes, that takes time, or iterations and testing.

Not that there’s anything wrong with quitting, not as such.

Sometimes it’s what you have to do.

But if you do, and when you say: “This won’t work” – Guess what?

You’re 100% right. It won’t work.

But there’s more to that story.

In fact, there’s a whole lot of strength you have, behind that story.

Strength which you’ve not yet built up.

So today, there’s no sales pitch (aw, sorry): Liz Strauss published a guest post I wrote, and I’d like to you read it.

I think it’s important.

When you’re done, will you please do me the favour of sharing it round on your social media sites?

Mucho appreciated.

Read it here:




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