How To Stop Bullshitting Yourself and Get the Work Done

Just be glad it’s not Martin Noir writing this piece…

A friend suggested I write about how to get the work done when it’s the last thing you feel like doing.

Here’s what worked for me. And it’s the only thing that ever worked for me. Or for anyone else in the world, I imagine.


“Give yourself no lip. Do the work.”

See, we humans excel at bullshitting ourselves. We can make an excuse for anything, given half a chance.

If you’re on a mission, if you have a goal, or if you simply have to pay the bills or deliver to a customer:

“Give yourself no lip. Do the work.”

Any of the myriad reasons you come up with to not do the work?

Excuses. Nothing more.

Yes, but…

“My desk is a mess, I need to clean it up first.” No you don’t. See that carboard box? Desktop clutter  into box. Done. Get to work.

“Let me make a sandwich, I need to eat something first.” No you don’t. Grab an apple, a handful of nuts, eat at your desk. Get to work.

“I need to find some proper music first…” No you don’t. Just do the work.

“There’s DM’s, emails to reply to…” Leave them, they can wait a few hours. Do. The. Work.

And don’t even start me on timesuckers like Facebook, Skype or Pinterest.

Do the work. Anything else is an excuse.

Just do the work.

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