How to Sell Hard – With Ethics, Help and Respect – and Without Barely Even Trying

If you look at the advice of most marketing gurus, it’s as if they’re afraid to sell.

As if you need to use cleverly engineered strategies that catch people by surprise.

Sly trick that psycho-magically prime people to be weak in the knees when you make your offer.

For example, Gary Vaynerchuck wrote a book called ‘Jab Jab Jab Right Hook’ – which comes down to ‘give give give, sell’.

And yep, that works. It’s not a bad strategy.

But it means you’re creating a ton of content that gets you nothing more than Likes, before you even get to the point of asking for a sale.

Looks like hard work, to me.

Others say the way to go is ‘rarely ever sell, but when you do – sell hard’. Jon Morrow is a proponent of that approach, and yes: it works.

But again, it means you spend a lot of time creating content – hoping your list will grow, and waiting for the glorious moment when you can open the doors to your shopping cart.

And hoping that you’ll reach enough people at that moment, and that they’ll be ready for it right then and there.

I’m not slating those guys, nor am I saying they’re wrong.

But there’s one important thing they miss out on, and in my opinion it’s a disservice to their audience.

Because what if The Big Launch happens in February, and someone who really needs the product on offer just can’t make the purchase right then?

Maybe they’re short on money, or recovering from an injury, or too busy dealing with life, or customers, or on holidays…

That person, the one for whom you create your solution and who would really benefit – they would miss out, forced to wait for months until a new launch sequence starts.

That’s a pity, because in that time they’re not getting the benefit they so badly need.

This is one of the reasons I write these daily emails: to let my readers know every day that I’m here to help – just in case today happens to be the right day for getting started.

If not?

That’s fine, I’ll be back tomorrow.

And meanwhile, I get to create a little article that just might help, just might inspire, just might support you in growing your business.

To me – and feel free to disagree – it’s a matter of respect.

The core purpose of these emails is to deliver something helpful and fun.

And because of that frequency, showing up daily, I don’t need to do any hard selling.

It’s more like a reminder – 95% content, 5% pitch.

“Ohey, in case today’s your day?”

There’s the link.

If you do it the way the gurus tell you, you can’t afford that ease.

Once launch time comes around, you need to bring out the big guns and go all masterfully persuasive on people.

Which has another downside: Because a launch sequence builds up, by the time that the final pitch and the ‘doors closing’ email comes, the ‘right hook’ is so powerful that people will be numbed and may buy just because of the hard persuasion.

And that can mean they don’t buy at the right moment.

Or that they buy something that they don’t actually, really need.

So no, no fancy launch sequences for me.

Just a helpful little email each day, with the intention to add something useful to your business acumen.

May they please.

And if today is indeed your day, and you want to learn the insider secrets of the email marketing trade, you can go here to get my help –>



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