How to Safely Raise Your Prices With Some Simple Maths

It’s good to have good friends.

For example, I have no idea about maths, but I needed a formula created.

So I asked my friend Colin, certified rocket scientist to put it together for me.

It’s pretty simple.

It’s highly useful though.


Because for most entrepreneurs, the sheer though of losing a customer petrifies us.

When in actual reality, nearly all of us can safely lose a percentage of our customers due to raising our prices by 10%.

See, if your overall pricing goes up by 10%, the total amount of revenue you earn stays the same provided you keep on enough customers.

And, interestingly enough, not all your customers will jump ship if you raise your rates.

Some will, but others will be happy to pay more, understanding that you’ll be able to deliver better quality.

But you want to be sure before you make the decision, and that’s why there’s some simple maths you can do.

So in the December issue of LEAP, you’ll find a very simple formula that you can use to calculate whether or not it makes sense for you to up your rates.

Most likely, it will. And the maths will tell you.

Want to earn more?

Get paid what you’re worth?

Then sign up before December 1, and I’ll show you how.


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