How to Overcome Fear and Insecurity With Three Simple Tricks

On some level or other, we all deal with some variation of fear or insecurity.

It’s human and even necessary.

Fear is literally baked into us on a genetic level, and it’s why the amygdala plays such an important role in our behaviour.

Fear is what has enabled us to survive – without it, humanity would ave walked straight into the mouth of a lion, one individual at a time.

And yet, here we are.

In other words: fear is an important and useful thing, because it keeps us safe.

Problem is, the automatic response to threats very often goes haywire.

Blame society if you will, or one’s upbringing – the reason isn’t half as important as the fact that it’s something we can correct.

Not easy, but if you want to sell your art it’s very much worth your time to learn to tame the beast and put it in its correct place.

My mother, a very good painter, struggled for years whenever she tried to start a new painting: insecurity just kept sabotaging her.

Very surprising, because her work was, and is, universally loved.

I don’t imagine you suffer from the same kid of insecurity.

I mean: If you’re reading these emails, you want to sell your work, so I take the liberty to assume that you do create art and don’t struggle too much with the creation part of it.

But I know for a fact that many – far too many! – artists don’t get to marketing (and therefore selling) their work, simply because on some level, and for some reason, they don’t feel strong and confident enough.

Which is a real pity, because I venture to say that there’s an audience for any artistic expression.

It’s just a matter of finding that audience, and you can only do that if you have overcome fear and insecurity.

At least to a level that you’re able to get yourself out there.

So what do you do if you want to sell, want to show up, and want to find your audience – but you’re just not able to get over your inhibitions?

How do you get to a point where you pick up the phone and call a gallery?

What must you do to get onto social media and start a wild promotional campaign, if you’re not yet convinced that people will actually like your work?

One thing you can do – and it’s very likely to help – get yourself on board for the next LEAP Newsletter, because that issue is going to be a step 1-2-3 hands-on manual for breaking through fear and building confidence.

But that doesn’t help you today, so why not try this?

1: Stop comparing yourself to others. You in your own right, as you are, are good enough. The qualities others have, or the success, or the fame – it doesn’t matter.

Comparing yourself to others is a sure-fire way to put yourself down, because there will always be people more advanced or more successful than you.

2: Stop brushing off compliments – when someone likes your work, they mean it, and they want for you to feel that. So take it, accept it, and incorporate the compliment in your mind.

And tip #3?

Highly powerful, 100% recommended:

3: Create a ‘feelgood file’. Even if you can’t yet accept kudos and compliments, you can help yourself get to that state.

Create a document, and paste in any positive commentary that you can find back in your inbox, every compliment, every expression of gratitude or awe that you’ve ever received – put it into your feelgood file and print that sucker out.

I guarantee that if you read through it a few times, the amount of endorphins and dopamine that will surge through your system are going to make you feel very different.

It’s unavoidable, a natural biological reaction, and a fantastic way to reprogram your mind.

Over time, keep adding to the file, and each time you’re scared, nervous or insecure: READ THAT THING.

It really, REALLY helps.

If you struggle finding confidence, just this one file will change you. Please do it.

Next, go here to sign up in time for the February LEAP where I’ll explain a whole bunch more ways, methods and strategies to grow your confidence –> to-more-sales/



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