How to Not Piss Off Your Customers – And Outsmart the Big Boys

Companies often have systems and policies in place that drive customers up the freaking wall.

For example, your bank will allow you to download only three months of bank statements. Why? What good reason is there?

If I send an email to my bank to request they add a feature like ‘Download Last 12 Months’ Statements’, I doubt it will have an effect.

Being smaller than the big boys may seem like a disadvantage, but I think we should apply some Martial Arts thinking: Your weakness can also be your strength.

You’re smaller than Amazon? Then don’t worry about them. Worry about your customers.

Excel at what you do, give stupendous customer service.

See, the difference between the big boys and the smaller ones is that the big ones, they play the numbers.

To them, it makes economic sense to leave a stupid system in place and lose a percentage of customers.

Dealing with each complaint or feature request would cost more than they lose in terms of sales.

In other words: “Screw you (the customer) if you don’t like it. We have more where you came from.”

If you’re not big, you’re agile.

That’s a strength.

Use it to your advantage.


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