How to Market and Sell Your Art While You Sleep (No, Not in Your Dreams)

If there’s one thing I love about Twitter, it’s how easy it is to automate things.

And yes, I know that you shouldn’t put your entire Twitter activity on auto-pilot.

That wouldn’t work, and it would be pretty spammy.

But some parts should be automated, and not just because I say so.

Just consider: You collect and gather interesting content that art-buyers like.

You post or retweet it, and then it gets pushed down the stream.

Which means that only your followers who are on Twitter right then and there will see it.

That’s a pity – not just for you, but also for them: They follow you because they’re interested in what you share.

But what if they’re on the other side of the world, asleep?

What if they’re at work?

Or driving or in the kitchen, or – well, just use your imagination.

Those folk don’t see it, and you miss out on being appreciated, while they miss out on learning or reading something interesting.

Same thing with your invitations to join your list.

And, of course, the tweets in which you detail your progress on new work.

And let’s not forget those tweets that say: “New artwork for sale, click to see it”.

Schedule that stuff, and you’ll be marketing and selling hands-off, while sleep or paint.

Now obviously, Twitter isn’t the only place where you can share and re-share things automatically.

But in my personal experience, it’s one of the easiest platforms to use, once you get the hang of it.

And don’t think for a minute that Twitter isn’t useful for selling art.

No matter what the experts and gurus tell you about Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram.

Just ask Lori McNee.

See, like I’m fond of saying: It’s not a matter of which platform is best – it’s about which platform works for you.

So if you’re not into Facebook or any of the other platforms and you like Twitter but you’re just not sure how to be strategic there on selling your art, I’ll show you how in the April LEAP Newsletter.

Which you can get here –>

Oh did I mention, your visibility on Twitter depends on your strategy and not on your advertising budget, as is the case with Facebook?

Right, enough said.

Happy Sunday evening.


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