How to Make Marketing Your Art Fun, Inspired by Mark McGuinness

Read something awesome this morning, and with a bit of luck it’ll make your art marketing a ton more fun and effective.

And your coming year one of your best business years yet.

Here’s what happened.

Received a reply from Mark McGuinness – poet, author and coach for artists.

Told me he’d be happy to have me interview him, gave me a date, and sent along a copy of his new book ‘Motivation for Creative People’.

So this morning, sleepy yet excited, I started reading while having my 5AM coffee.

And I woke right up when I read this section:

“Our instinct to work for love rather than money is backed up by a lot of research into the psychology of creativity. The researchers tell us that we are at our most creative when we are driven by intrinsic motivation—i.e. working for the sheer joy of it, regardless of rewards. Focusing on extrinsic motivation—such as money, fame, or other rewards—can be a creativity killer.

[…] if we are in this for the money, or the fame, or the awards, the Muse will wrinkle her nose and pass us by. Only when we are truly dedicated to the art itself, for its own sake, will she bestow the gift of inspiration.”

I tell you, all kinds of lightbulbs went on.

Here’s why:

For most artists, marketing and promotion are a chore.

It’s the unavoidable aspect, something you ‘just have to come to terms with’.

So when I read that bit, I realised that the solution to that, the end to all woes, is to flip it on its head.

Instead making excuses for procrastinating on marketing, what an artist should do is turn the marketing into something that is inherently fun, intrinsically rewarding, and utterly creative.

Which might sound like I’ve said it before (marketing is creativity etc) but this time I mean something different.

Or deeper, whatever.

Stop trying to do your marketing so that you’ll gain exposure and sell more of your work.

Instead, do your marketing for the sheer process and enjoyment of it.

If you don’t know how that would work, consider this:

You’re perfectly free to drop any activity that isn’t fun in its own right.

Chances are that if you don’t enjoy it, it’s not getting you much results anyway.

Mind you, dropping the boring stuff doesn’t mean you can get by only on the fun bits.

This tip today is just for the starting phase, it’s your launchpad to get yourself into a different mindset and different habits.

Pick one single thing, something that a) you enjoy and that b) has some sort of positive effect on your visibility and promotion.

If that’s joining a club, or a forum, or Facebooking or calling up galleries – fine.

Anything goes.

Next, do that thing.

Let it become the most fun and joyous part of your day.

And go completely crazy doing it, over and over again.

By and by you’ll discover other tasks and activities that you can add into the mix.

Expand your range of efforts, and always by asking : Is this fun, and does this help.

Find the intrinsic motivation, so that your creativity can be applied to your marketing.

Don’t do it for results – do it for fun.

That way you don’t stifle your creativity because of extrinsic motivation.

Stick with that, and your next year will be a whole lot different.

And if you get the next LEAP, even more so.

Mark’s interview is scheduled for next month, so you’ll need to wait a bit.

But, I have the interview with Ana Hoffman ready, so I’ll be sending you that today.

Meanwhile, join LEAP here –>



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