How to Make it Easy and Fast to Write Daily Emails for Fun and Profit

Some days, I too struggle to come up with something to write.

Can be I’m dry for ideas, or I have an idea but after 40 minutes of trying to write something your good self might enjoy reading it’s still not coming together.
Thing is, it doesn’t bother me none.

Got no idea to write about?

I just start writing something, whatever, anything at all.

“John looks at the wall, wondering what to write. It’s one of those days again. His coffee cup is dry. His mind too. Have you seen this writer in your neighbourhood? I need to hang the laundry. Etc etc.”

Three or four lines in, another idea comes up – I open a new doc and start writing.

When that one runs dry, another new doc with yet another idea.

See if this one goes anywhere.

It never takes more than two or three new documents before something catches, and the writing starts to flow.

The draft documents get saved in my notes folder for future idea-digging, and I get to send my daily email inside of 60 to 70 minutes, start to finish.

With two or more ideas for the future saved, sometimes even half-developed or more.

That’s how easy email writing can – and should – be.

When I’m dry, I write nonsense until something presents itself.

When an idea isn’t working out, I close the window and start something new.

When I really can’t figure out a topic, there’s also my archive of notes and drafts, now probably 350 files large.

In the end, it really ain’t that hard.

Like I always say: practice and repetition, grow that writing muscle of yours.

Obviously, it’s good to know what and how to write.

If you show up and just go ‘I’m so cool, you totally should buy from me’, it’s not going to work.

You’ll need to be fun, and useful, and helpful.

And, you’ll need to know how to work your writing style and personality in such a way that it turns readers into buyers.

And for that, I’m developing LEAP #4, which will be filled, absolutely rife, with insider email marketing secrets.

If ever you’ve wanted to start emailing people for fun and profit, your hour of glory is coming up.

You don’t want to miss this issue.

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