How to Go From 'Here' to Reaching Your Big Audacious Goal

What’s your biggest dream?

What would an ideal life look like for you?

Your art in the MoMa?

A millionaire artist, on your own terms?

Break away from cubicle nation?

A published author, a thought leader, a rockstar?

Or maybe success for you simply means to carve out your own little niche, and earn enough to live a comfortable life and give your kids an education?

It doesn’t matter what your big ‘n hairy audacious goal is – success has a different definition for everyone.

What matters is what you do to get from here to there.

And that’s also the problem for most people.

More often than not, our end game, our biggest dream, is so big that something in us assumes we’ll never get there.

And thus, we stop trying, and resign to stick with the status quo.

But it doesn’t have to be like that, not if you’re smart about it.

Smart as in using simple mathematical thinking, courtesy of my mathematician friend Colin.

Each time someone asks him how to get from A to B, he starts to break things down, and it’s uncanny how effective it is.

So obviously I’ve adopted the strategy.

Like the other day, when a reader told me that she has big dreams and tons of ideas.

She wants to make Youtube videos, create online courses, appear on guestposts and blogs, attend conferences.

In 5 years she wants to have 11 courses for sale, earning thousands a month from them, and travel the world.

Big, no?

I’ll say.

Entirely possible though. She wouldn’t be the first to pull it off.

But, right now she’s a fulltime mother and a 30-hour per week employee with more ideas than direction.

And so, she hardly knows where to start.

So I told her this:


Ok, so you need to narrow down to work within the limitations, which are time and money.

The trick is to take the big end goal, and break that down into smaller pieces, and you keep doing that until you get bites that are small enough to fit into the limitations.

Each of those pieces need to be in place, one by one, because they are the precondition for the next level/step.

So make a mindmap, where the end goal is at the top, and under that comes: required – which holds the component parts of that end goal. Then you break those down too into the required parts, and so on.

Keep doing that until you end up with a set of small tasks – so small that you can’t not do it.

Then, do the first one of those tiny tasks, and the next day another one, and so on. If you keep that up day after day, you build up a huge asset over time.

If you follow this method, you can safely stop thinking about the big goals and the multitude of plans, and keep putting one foot in front of the next.


And that, my friendly artist friend, is how you get from here to there. Bit by bit.

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