How to Get There From Here: Focus on the Path

Must of us want too much, too fast, and we sabotage ourselves with that.

We set ourselves a goal, and off we go trying to reach it.

Problem is, you can’t get there from here.

There’s a whole road in between where you’re at now, and where you want to go.

You can sit and plan for the journey, but life is ever-changing, and so are you so.

There’s no telling what will happen.

You can plan a course, but it’ll change the moment you take the first step.

And when life happens while you’re busy making other plans, it’s real easy to get lost.

You lose focus.

You change priorities and often mistakenly.

You lose drive and motivation.

Your getting ‘there’ becomes a struggle.

And that goal o’er yon in the distance begins to look ever more unreachable.

Here’s what I do: I just don’t think about it.

Once I’ve set my goal (like that massively audacious goal I wrote about last month), I put it up there in the distance, like a mountain peak I somehow think I can scale.

Like a muse, a dream, a distant goal.

And then I just look at my feet.

Meaning: getting there, anywhere, means you’ll go through step after step after step.

It’s the only way.

But here’s the thing: if you keep looking at the goal, you’re not paying attention to the path you’re on – and it’s that path that’ll get you there in the end.

Noah Kagan, who worked at Facebook in the startup days, wrote that Mark Zuckerberg once explained how he makes his decisions.

He wrote on a whiteboard one word: “Growth”.

Anything that did not contribute the growing the platform was decided against and forgotten.


It’s the same thing that made me decide to give up trying to find a girlfriend: I have a goal, steps to take, and spending time with a girl doesn’t bring me closer to that goal.

And I really, REALLY want to get there, so out the window with amorous affairs.

It makes life a lot easier, once you test every option you have against “Will this help me get there?”

If it doesn’t, you just drop it and do something else that does get you closer.

Progress is what gets you there. Not results.


And guess what?

Every step in the right direction, every choice made with the knowledge it’ll get you closer, is progress.

It’s one step closer.

Focus on the path.

Focus on progress, and forget the goal.

Forget results, because they come as a consequence of progress.

If you focus on results, you’re actually sabotaging yourself, because you can’t get the right results without first taking the steps.

So, focus on the path, the steps, the progress. Bit by bit. It adds up massively.

Just do the things you do because you know that each thing is another bit of progress, another small movement away from ‘here’, over to ‘there’.

Buddhists have this down nicely: They’re told to forget about enlightenment, to just be in the here and now, to focus on their mind and attitude and actions, to focus on the steps they’re taking on their path.

I can tell you from experience: It’s liberating, it makes you happier, and it gets you closer to where you want to go.

If ‘where you want to go’ is called ‘Moresalesville’, then I have a map for you. Getting it means not just a step, but a leap, to where you want to go –>



P.s. I’ll be back later with a freebie I dug up on ye olde webz yesterday. Stay tuned, it’s a very complete noob’s guide for business and I think you’ll learn a lot from it.

P.p.s. Sometimes when I write stuff like this, I think: ‘This isn’t a bad piece, maybe I should make it a guest post for someone’. But then I think: ‘No. This is actually quite good, I’m sending this to my readers’. Because that’s how much I appreciate you.

One possible step on your path, a big one and rife with growth and progress –>

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