How to Fossilise Your Hamster – and Sell More Art

A shelf of second-hand books in Ireland.

I never expect to find much, but I like to look anyway, just in case there’s a gem waiting for me.

Between countless novels and 50 shades of badly written woman-degrading pseudo-erotica (does anyone even remember Anais Nin? Now THAT’S literary erotica), I see it:

“How to fossilise your hamster”.

Apparently, there’s a market for that.

Like I’m fond of saying: everybody needs a hobby.

It was by far the weirdest title there.

And I reflected: For you to find a book like that, if you happen to be into fossilisation, you have to go through hundreds of titles, just to get to that one book.

Quite like marketing: before you sell 1 item, one painting, one hour of coaching, you need to show up and appear in front of who knows how many people.

Just to find that one ideal client, the one who says: “Where have you BEEN all my life? Quick, tell me where I pay”.

And that takes time, and effort, and persistence.

Problem is, if you don’t know where to show up, you could well be spending your social media time and your marketing budget on the wrong people.

And don’t underestimate that: It’s easy to think that Flakebooking your days away is marketing, but it ain’t, peachycheeks.

Not unless you have a plan and a strategy.

Without those, you’re basically standing on a street corner handing out flyers to all and sundry, hoping for the off-chance that one person will actually read it.

Hard work, money spent without much return, and many – MANY – hours completely wasted.

What to do instead, if you want to sell your art?

Oh I dunno – learn something that’s been tested, adapt it to your own business model, and run with that sucker for a few months, maybe?

That’s one form of using a strategy.

What to learn? You could learn how to Listen, Explain, Ask & Profit, as per my LEAP system.

But, you can also go the free road, and learn from the thousands of free systems.

I’ve done that. Took me nearly ten years to get my head around it. Cost me an inheritance too, but that’s a different story.

So if you don’t want to spend all that time, and you want to learn a system that’s built specifically for people whose building a business is an art in itself, then that LEAP Newsletter isn’t a bad choice, if I say so myself.

But there’s a price to pay – at $79 it’s hardly free, and not even cheap.

But that’s for a good reason, because after spending those ten years, I’ve built a system that’s reliable, effective, adaptable, testable, and which gets your head around marketing your art quick smart, without having to search and test and discard all the other systems that are not quite right for you.

There’s a LOT in my head (just ask Jimmy), and I pour it all into the newsletter.

So, you in a hurry? Want to sell that art?

‘Course you do.

So then LEAP –>

She goes to the printer in a few days, and there’s only two days left to sign up for issue #3: “How to flip the bird to galleries and sell your own art”.

That’s a working title, but it says what’s in the tin.

Get it here –>



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