How to Do the Right Thing and Not Do It Wrong

A LEAP subscriber writes in, telling me something extremely important for artists, which is this:

The first hour of the day belongs to YOU.

Except, in my not very humble opinion, she’s got things a little mixed up.


You know how you did the Podcast and read off all the questions from the survey with your friend?

I am the one you talked about when you said “that has to really SUCK.”

The one who has done a ton of stuff.

Worked with coaches.

Spent a lot of money and time.

Wore every hat working hard to learn everything ‘I was supposed to’.

To see very little return.

I became severely burned out.

[ … *snip* … ]

I read this book – Personal Productivity Secrets.

It inspired me and I changed how I am doing things.

One of the suggestions is to take steps on the projects that really mean something to you first thing in the morning before you do anything else.

I like this.

I am working on a painting that will be a sample for a potential client who is very wealthy.


Stop right there.

I’ve not read the book, but I agree fully that before anything else, the first thing you do, before email or Facebook or working or writing an email –

You should do something for you.

The problem with what she’s trying to do is that it’s not actually for her.

Not in its purest sense.

It’s for a potential client – which may be meaningful and important to her, but it’s tainted by the value-exchange nature of dealing with customers.

She’s trying to make something for him, in return for which he will give her money.

That’s not how it works.

Your first hour should be purely for you, with no other benefit than adding value to yourself, your own well-being.

Your happiness, your learning, your enjoyment.

Can be anything.

Reading a novel, learning something useful, listening to a podcast, exercise, yoga – anything.

As long as it’s for your own benefit exclusively.

Especially if you make it a matter of learning something.

Until you make it a daily habit, you can’t possibly fathom the effect this has on your mental and emotional state.

For this subscriber and for everyone reading this: please, take your first hour of the day, and reserve it for yourself.

Let me know how it works for you…

Meanwhile, speaking with another subscriber, I’ve decided to indeed make the next LEAP fully about Twitter and how to leverage that puppy for effect.

Once you know how to use it, connect to the right people, and start finding the (massive) fun you can have on there, it becomes an incredibly effective tool for building an audience.

And off the back of that, getting sales.

All shall be revealed in the April issue.

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