How to Destroy a Child Prodigy in 7 Simple Steps

Step 1: become a psychologist

Step 2: Marry another psychologist

Step 3: Upon learning of your child’s super-par intelligence, stimulate her ongoingly to excel. It is important at this stage that the child learns that failure is very bad, and that it makes mummy and daddy very unhappy

Step 4: When the national TV hosts an intelligence contest for Very Bright Children, sign her up. Ensure the child understands that refusal will make mummy and daddy very unhappy

Step 5: When your child doesn’t fulfill your expectations and fails to pass tests on camera, demonstrate your despondence and disappointment

Step 6: When being interviewed after the event, tell the camera something like: “She was doing alright for a while, but she f*’d up”.

Step 7: Observe with satisfaction that none of the prodigal talent and incredibly intelligence remain, and that the child has satisfactorily learned that she’s only as smart as the rest of the world

Think I made it up?

No sir.

I saw this on TV last week, visiting Jimmy. Saw it, exactly as described above.

Personally, I don’t own a TV. Never watch it.

So you’ll understand it was a surprise and a shock when, relaxing after a day’s work, I saw the above happen on a screen.

For one thing, I don’t know I agree with the idea of dragging kids through an intelligence-talent competition.

I suppose it doesn’t hurt if the kid really wants to.

But that couple, the psychologists with their lovely and very bright daughter – they were doing SO many things wrong.

It was shocking.

And, it was a perfect example of how NOT to do your marketing.

See, the parents were there for their own satisfaction. “Oooh… just LOOK at how SMART our daughter is!”

Full of pride.

You could just see the smugness radiate off their faces each time the girl got another answer right.

It wasn’t about the girl, and measuring up to others, or stimulating her brain to high performance, or the experience of contest – it was only for those two parents.

For them to feel proud.

For them to be able to say: “Our girl is the smartest in class, AND she won competition XYZ”.

When the poor girl didn’t, the parents didn’t give her the sane and sound psychological treatment one needs after failing a challenge.

Instead, she’ll have the video online on Youtube, for the rest of her days, with her immacuately coiffed mother saying: “But she f*’d up”.

Someone should take that woman’s license. It’s an abhorrance.

So how does this tie back to your marketing?

Well, the parents made the same mistake that many entrepreneurs make when creating marketing materials and strategies:

They forget that it isn’t about themselves, but about the other.

The child, the prospect, the client – the person who looks to you in hopes that you can solve their problem.

Those people, whether you sell art or design or consulting, they trust you, they rely on you to have their best interest at heart.

Prospects want to know that they can trust you to solve problems for them, whatever type of problem it is.
It’s not about you – it’s about them.

Somebody should tell those parents.

Something about you: learning the how and why of email marketing.

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