How to Become Unhappy (Instructions Inside)

Friend of mine is a seamstress – well, fashion designer, t be honest. Her flamenco dresses are just stunning.

Really skilled lady.

But, like so many artists and artisans, she doesn’t know how to get her work in front of the right people – meaning, those who really thoroughly appreciate the quality of the work.

So for years, she’s been toiling away, slaving at terrible rates.

The other day we talked: “Yeah I went back to college. I’m tired of working.

“I want to get a degree and become a civil servant.

“It’s time people start paying me for doing nothing.”

I was flabbergasted.

Not only is it a pretty dubious kind of attitude, but it’s also nearly guaranteed to turn into a disaster.

If she ever gets the job, I highly doubt she’ll enjoy it. She’s highly creative, not made to sit at a desk.

And that’s assuming she’ll finish the education.

I fail to see how she’ll keep it up through the end, if her motivation is to get a job at city hall and nothing else.

Now here’s the biggest joke of the whole thing: She started a few weeks ago, and guess what’s the first thing they make her learn?


Tells me she has three massive tomes to work through, each as thick as a fist.

I mean come ON.

If she’d put just 20% of the time required into learning email marketing instead, she could be selling as many dresses as she wants, to fun and appreciative clients, at rates that make any designer smile.

I wish her luck, I really do.

But I hope she’ll come to her senses because while I’m not clairvoyant, it’s pretty easy to predict the future on this one.

Most likely, she’ll drop out and return to stitching for a pittance.

Of course I’ve told her many times about the joys and wonders of email marketing, but it all fell on deaf ears.

But like I said yesterday: You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves.

What about you?

Do you learn ways to improve your work, your results, your happiness?

Do you develop the skills that raise your income?

Sure hope so.

And if you want the one skill that makes it works, that makes people fall in love with you work and your mind, and that makes them very eager to pay you well, then I say do it.

Learn email marketing, and start mailing daily.

I’ll help –>

Not cheap and it’s hard work, to learn writing from a salty mentor.

But it works.

Here’s how –>



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