How to Become the Highlight of Your Reader's Day

Got a sweet email from a reader yesterday, which included these lines:

“Looking forward to reading your articles and mails. They do make my day.

All the best,



Think about that for a moment.

I send emails almost every single day, so you’d expect people to be bothered, right?

They all say it, the big boys: “Don’t email every day: you’l burn your list, you’ll get unsubscribes and spam complaints!”

They’re all wrong.

 Writing daily actually reduces unsubscribes

If you do it right, daily emails build not just a client base – you’ll also get your own audience, your fans and brand ambassadors.


If you write every day – you become the highlight of your reader’s day.

How cool is that?


So, how do you get to actually writing daily, in such a way that people will thank you for it?

You get me to show you how.


Like Bill, who recently started sending me his drafts for review. Here’s what he replied the other day:


It’s good to have you on my case. I need a bit of that too.

I think you could put that on your sales page…. “I’m the monkey that’ll sit on your shoulder and keep you

focused on delivering content too”…… or something like that.

Take it easy. It’s really a pleasure working with you like this.


Right? You get motivation, accountability, a massive drive to write, and every week you get two or three pages of comments from me.

Every week new feedback, instructions, lessons – massive improvement on a weekly basis

Telling you in detail how to improve your writing in such a way that people will take time to write in and thank you.


And buy from you too, of course.


A word of warning though: I’m a bit tough.

When I do reviews, there’s no pussyfooting or sugarcoating – you get the facts and the lessons, straight.

This copy critique service is here for you to become a stellar writer, fast.

And in my experience, powerful teaching gets fastest results.

But, it’s not for the faint of heart.


Here’s how it works:

You send me one page of copy every week.

I review it, and I give you all the corrections and lessons and instructions that I can.

And then I continue to bug you until you write another one.

It’s a monthly program, and it’s not cheap.

In fact at $299 per month it’s extremely expensive – but you wouldn’t expect to pay Honda prices for a Rolls Royce either, would you?

Of course not.

Besides, this review process will radically transform your writing for the better, and give you a real, direct relationship with your readers.

And that’s the foundation from which you’ll get sale after sale after sale.


Sounds good?

Then hit reply and let me know when I can expect your first draft.

I’ll teach you how to be the highlight of your reader’s day…











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