How Science and the 4-Minute Mile Can Help You Sell More Art

Lore has it that for 1000 years, running a mile in under a minute was considered physically impossible.

People tried over an over again, and never managed to do it.

Even tying a bull behind them apparently didn’t help.

One shudders to think how many runners would have been overrun by the bulls over a span of 1000 years, but athletic mortality isn’t the point here.

On May 6th 1954, the ‘impossible’ happened, when the Englishman Roger Bannister ran a mile in just under 4 minutes.

Remarkably, it took less than a year for another guy to pull it off.

And since then, the 4-minute mile has become a fairly common thing.

Even highschool students routinely do it.

So how does that work, why did that one achievement change the world?

And more importantly, how does this help you sell more art?

Lemme ‘splain that to you with the help of our good friends Science and Psychology.

There’s an area in the brain called RAS, or Reticular Activation System.

Basically it works as a filter for all perception aside from emotions.

It filters data and input, and controls what your awareness focuses on.

For 1000 years, people’s brains learned ‘can’t be done’, ‘is dangerous’ (I agree: trampling bulls are an enormous risk) and ‘physically impossible’.

But once Bannister pulled it off, athletes had to accept the fact that indeed it is possible.

Suddenly, the RAS of any given athlete or trainer had the new awareness that given proper training and mindset, they just might be able to do it too.

And over time, it became more and more achievable.

Don’t you just love psychology?

I sure do – it’s where the magic happens.

And the magic that can happen to your psychology is this: if other artists can create a thriving business with their art, given learning and practice and a bunch of fail&reboot, you
too can make it.

Obviously it’s more like a marathon than a sprint, but the principle is the same.

Others have done it.

It’s available to you too.

Not only is it not impossible, it’s very very doable.

So what’s stopping you?

If the answer is ‘Don’t know how’, then go here and let me show you how –>

Run, artist, RUN!



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