How Not to Write an Article or Blog Post

Sauntered over to Twitter just now.

Saw a link by someone who usually shares good stuff, so I clicked.

Landed on a blog post.

It opened thusly:

“It’s like this, you see”.

Now, I’m all for conversational writing.

I commend personal style.

But if you’re going to write something, do it in a way that makes people actually read the stuff.


How do you get people to read you?

1: Write a headline that makes them want to read the first sentence.

2: Write a lede (the first sentence) that assures I will want to read the whole thing.

3: Keep writing sentences that make me want to read the one that follows.

4: Continue that until conclusion.


Your lede is fantastically important. You could draw people in with an awesome headline, but if the next sentence doesn’t tell me ‘Yo Martin, READ this thing’…

Guess what?

I won’t read the thing.

What kind of an opener is that, anyway?

How do you rationalise starting an article with such a completely meaningless, bland, tripe statement?

“It’s like this, you see”.

What is like this?

What is that ‘this’ like?

Why should I see it? You’ve not told me anything yet.

And unless you give me a reason to want to see – I won’t.


Ground rules for good copy – be it articles, optin copy, salespages:

Make me feel, every step of the way, that what I’m reading is worth my time.

That means: no fluff. No frills or pretty turns-of-phrase for the sake of it.

Give me copy that I can’t resist reading. THAT’S how you write copy that rivets, gets read, and ultimately, sells.

If all that sounds like a bit of a headache, I understand. And, I can do it for you. Got a huge bottle of Aspirin right here, so get in touch and I’ll do the writing for you.




Talk soon,




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