How Daily Emails Get You Sales From People That Aren't Even On Your List

Bit of a long one today, 1400- words. Iron clad case for sending daily emails though, plus some tips and instructions. Methinks you want to read this one.

Whenever another entrepreneur looks at my business, the first thing I always hear about are the things I do wrong. There are, apparently, quite a few of them.

It’s no news to me: there’s a lot to be desired here.

My site for example is a bloody mess, and it’s as unstable as a house after an earthquake. That’s what you get when you’re a-technical and start setting up websites.

Touch anything, slam the door too hard, and the entire thing will collapse on itself. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve made it happen myself, more than once.

But just the prospect of starting from scratch, going through the entire process of rebuilding, and adjusting the design and setting up all the plugins – it’s something I just can’t bring myself to do.

I want a Guy or Gal Who Can to take the project and send me an email when it’s ready.

The formatting and design aren’t ideal either, I’m sure you’ll have seen. What can I say? I’m as inept at that stuff as a dyslectic person is at reading a book. That’s not offensive – that’s exactly how it is.

I think I’ll call it dystechia.

Another example that you should probably not follow: how I launch products.

I mean, this year I created two new services – first the mentorship program, and then recently, my premium, print-only newsletter.

And did I do a launch sequence for either of these, like a good marketer should?


In both cases, I did no launch to speak of. I didn’t go onto social media, didn’t generate buzz, didn’t accompany it with guest posts nor ads, no list building – nothing.

I just announced the new services to my list, and that was it.

Arrogant, perhaps, to think I wouldn’t need a proper launch. Or maybe lazy, I don’t know.

I do know it’s not how it should be done.

Another thing: I rarely do any list building. A guest post a few times a year, that’s about it.
SEO? Please, you’re giving me a migraine. Just the thought of doing keyword research… brrr.

Ads? Social media campaigns?

Sorry, no time – I need to write and say something to my list. I believe they’re waiting for a daily update.

Evidently, none of this is an example to follow in any way whatsoever.

Then again, I’m known for saying that a bad example is also an example, so I imagine there are some conclusions waiting for you to draw. (Damn, does English really work that way? Wow.)

Now for the one thing I would seem to be doing right: people. (Yes, I know how wrong that sounds. Just let me, I’m trying to make a point).

Yesterday an email came in that unequivocably proves that email is every bit as effective as I always say, and even more so than I myself had expected.

I mean, how likely is it that sending daily emails works for getting sales even with people who are not on your list?

Seriously: part of my method (the one that I teach in the LEAP Marketing approach), is that you are 100% yourself, to the point that people leave if you’re not right for them, and then you cheer because with every unsubscribe your list gets more qualified.

And then one day, a reader who got fed up and left suddenly needs sales copy, and who’s the first guy he thinks of? “Martin, of course”.

Months later. Months after he left.

I think that’s testimony to email being pretty much something you should make priority #1 in your promotion and marketing and sales.

But that’s just me saying so.

Not that I take client jobs any more, but don’t you think it’s telling, that someone who decided to leave my circle, had become so engaged with my writing that even months later, I was the top-of-mind-copywriter for him?

I laugh quietly when I hear people say that daily emails are a bad idea, that they turn people away.

Those critics have no idea.

Me, I do have an idea. That’s why I send daily updates.

You’re reading this, so you’re at least hip to the idea.

Now it’s just a matter of developing a writing habit.

20 minutes a day should do the trick for the first two months. Just riff away, don’t overthink it. Drop me a line if you have questions.

Question one?

EVERYTHING that’s not directly about your product or service is a topic if you can somehow link it back in a casual or logical way.

You’re welcome. Now please, just… get to writing, you’ll thank me later.

But I’m tired of trying to convince people who won’t even hear me out, who immediately spew their objections.

I want everyone to email their lists daily, but it’ll only work if they understand – not swamp in objections – the benefits.

Benefits such as:

– People looking forward to your updates, every single day

– Readers getting in touch – to ask questions, to offer suggestions, to ask for more information – and yes: to tell you “I don’t have the cash just now but I’ve got your number and I’m saving up to buy”

– People saying: You’re hot, I want to work with you, where do I send money?

– And let’s not forget the massive transformation in your own mind and your business: it’s frigging therapeutic, to sit every day with that task: What can I say today that will help them, how can I write something that’s both fun and useful?

That act, the daily, repeated “There are individuals out there who joined my list to follow what I have to say – I want to say something that helps them, out of sheer gratitude if nothing else” – you gotta experience that for yourself, there’s no describing what it does to the mind

– People getting back to you months after unsubscribing from your list and wanting to work with you (how often does that happen? Not often, I guess)

These effects are real, tangible, not mythical or hyped – this is what happens when you train your brain and your whole system to every day be, no expectations, at the service of people who told you “Interesting, tell me more.”

But, you can also continue to try pulling sales off of Facebook, I don’t mind.

If you get better results Pinteresting your way around the web, then go for it.

Me I prefer the easy, fun, service-based, people-first approach of showing up every day and saying: “Hey there, it’s a new day – I’ve got something to say that might help”.
It works.

I think you should give it a try.

For all I can tell, it’s at least something I’m doing right. If you want to follow an example, daily emails are terribly worth your time.

Stick with it though: you shouldn’t expect to draw conclusions, or give up, before three months are over.

This stuff works, but only for those who are able to put in consistent effort over extended periods of time.
Which is in fact what a business requires, so you basically have no excuse.

Damn I’m persuasive.

Ok – let’s be fair: there may be reasons why you can’t write daily – but if ever you get me on the phone you’ll have a hard time convincing me you can’t find 20 minutes a day to develop a writing habit. But, I don’t know your situation so I won’t meddle.

Seriously though – 20 minutes?

Another reason might be you don’t really know fully how you should go about writing those emails.

In that case, I have a 3-month email training program for you where you and I go one on one and turn you into an email marketer to reckon with.

It’s called Starship Mentorprise, it’s no joke, it turns you into a very prolific and sales-getting writer, and you can get it here –>

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I should go do some SEO or something.



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