How a Feminist Misconception Can Destroy Your Productivity and Your Chances of Success

This one’s for the girls, though the men reading me should also learn from it.

It might cost me a few subscribers, but ye olde truth must be ye olde told.

Now, first of all, I don’t talk politics here: My point is not to get into a who’s right and who’s wrong.

Also, I’m all for equality.

Or rather: equivalence, in the true meaning of the word: equi-valent, meaning of equal worth.

Now, the meat of the thing.

It appears to me that in the drive for greater equality, a dangerous misconception about a certain female quality has come be misunderstood as something praiseworthy and empowering.

I’m talking about multitasking.

“Ah, you men, you can’t do multitasking. We women, however…”

And yes, you can.

Women can run eleventy tasks at the same time, and yes, it’s amazing.

It’s also totally destructive to your productivity though.

Here’s why.

Research shows that what we call multitasking is actually high-frequency switching.

There are no simultaneous streams of concentration, instead it’s a matter of drive-switch-drive-switch, at incredible speeds.

And yes, it’s impressive.

But it also destroys your productivity and creativity.

First of all, you no longer need that.

Way back when, you gals had to have the ability to ‘multitask’, or else society would go haywire.

You had to do everything at the same time: skin the rabbit, stir the pot, watch so your toddler wouldn’t crawl into the campfire, fend of the advances of bear-skinned cavemen, eye the shrubbery for any predators about to leap and eat you…

Those days however are over.

Problem is, in that fast switching so many people still do (men as well as women), your concentration gets broken with every switch, and it literally takes minutes before it’s back.

Tested and proven. 11 minutes I think, to recover from each interruption.

So you might be doing three things at the same time, but you’re less efficient than you could be at each of them.

But it gets worse: Multitasking also makes you stoopid.

Researchers in London studied performance and IQ, and discovered that while multitasking, your brain effectively functions at the level of someone who had just smoked some good ole’ Mary-Jane.

In other words, when you multi-task, you effectively perform as if you were, like they used to say when I lived in Seattle, ‘baked out of your gourd’.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

So what’s the solution?

Well, there’s a nifty little trick I’ve been practicing this year, and it does miracles for my productivity.

Seriously, with just a few hours of this strategy, I get more done in my first three hours than I could with a normal 8-hour day’s work.

Want to know how this here ex-monk reaches laser focused concentration?

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LEAP 6 is going to be my best one yet. And that’s saying something…

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