Hey Man, This Mellow-Thighed Chick Just Put My Spine Out of Place

Today’s pop-culture reference: David Bowie’s Suffragette City. Good track.



“Come closer”, she said in that husky voice of hers

I scooted over.

She wrapped her arms around me from behind, and proceeded to mildly wrench my torso off my hips.

Next, she put her knee in the small of my back and did something to my spine that would make Jean Claude van Damme feel like an amateur.

Following that, she sat herself down on my ribcage, and everything popped and cracked.

From there on in, things started to become a bit painful.


Some five minutes later, I was shouting and grunting and actually thrashing about in agony on the table.

I may have insulted her, I don’t know – I was unable to hear myself think through my shouting.

To make sure I’d remember her, she put patches on my back that she connected to electrical wires.

I think the wires went straight into a wall socket because it felt as 220 Volts were being injected straight into my spinal fluid.

Took about 20 minutes to charge up my batteries, apparently, because then she came and unhooked me and said I could dress my beat-up frame.

I paid for the hour of first-class, medieval-grade torture, and went home.

My back feels terrific. I’m a new man.


There’s nothing like quality

I go see her any time I have a problem with my back, and I’ll wait three weeks for her to be available, instead of her assistant. I want Toni, nobody else.

We all know quality rules, but the question is: how do you make people understand that what you do or make is of real and true quality?

You know, without having to brag, or lie, or manipulate, or get all salesy on people – how do you do make people understand that you’re worth your salt?

As always, I’ll say by sending daily emails.

It’s free, it’s fun, people love receiving emails, and hey – it gets you sales too.

You know I preach that stuff every day.

You know I consider it business salvation, to communicate frequently with your people.

But, you might not be sure how it would work for you, in your particular business.

And that is why I created the LEAP Marketing newsletter.

Where my free daily emails tell you what I think – in my not at all humble opinion – you ought to be doing for your business, the newsletter tells you how to do it.

It’s hard teaching, the kind of stuff that gets into the nitty gritty of building lasting relationships based on trust

Which is, in case you weren’t sure, the kind of relationship that gets you sales over and over again.
16 pages, print only, delivered to your doorstep once a month wherever in the world you may live.

I’ve been waiting to say this: She’s going to the printer’s next week.

Don’t miss out, because issue #1 is going to be a massively packed doozy.

Sign up here –> http://martinstellar.com/leapfrog-your-business/



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