Hey, Artist… Are You Swimming With the Sharks…?

It happens so often:

An artist finally gets to grips with the fact that more conversations lead to more sales…

… and in order to have more conversations, they go all out meeting with and talking to…

… other artists.

Which isn’t a bad thing, but I sure is nowhere near as effective as talking to potential buyers.

After all, other artists may or may not buy, but an art-buying audience, well, tends to buy art.

In other words, if you go hang out with other artists – be it in Facebook groups, forums, or local meetups, you’re swimming with the sharks.

Now, for some people it’s because it’s a safe first step.

Some people, they just need to get into the water toe-first.

For others, they aren’t aware that there’s different audiences and that it’s worth your time to be careful and deliberate as to where you spend your time.

If that’s you, then as of now you are aware.

You’re welcome.

Either way, you gotsta have more conversations, no way around that.

Of course when I say ‘sharks’, I don’t mean that literally, though it must be said that some artists live with a scarcity mindset.

To that kind of person, we’re all in direct competition.

Personally, I avoid them like the plague.

Me, I live in a world of abundance.

There’s a huge pie, and there really is a slice for all of us.

So anyone who doesn’t deliberately work with and within the sharing economy – well, I have no truck with them.

Like I always say: Choose your friends with care.

It’s good to talk to other artists, sure.

But be mindful who they are, and HOW they are.

Remember, the Black Muse is always lurking…

On the topic of conversations, and how to have them and with who, you’ll find a wealth of ideas about that in my art marketing masterclass.

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