Here’s What to Do Next (NEVER Miss This Opportunity)

I’ve written about this before, but it turns out not everyone got the memo.

So here goes again:

One of the most important opportunities as a business owner, and one which nearly everyone overlooks, is the…

“Here’s what next” moment.

With any given contact, you have a very small window of opportunity, a short moment where you get to tell the other person:

“This is what I suggest you do now”.

And it’s massively important – both online and offline.

Website, phonecalls, Facebook, real life meetings or the emails you send to potential buyers –  they all have in common that the reader or visitor or viewer gets to a point where
they’re open to your suggestion.

Not always and in all cases – but you’d better make sure you keep your eyes open and never miss the moment when it comes.

For example:

Someone sent me their new website.

A nice clean look, putting the focus squarely on the art.

So far so good.

But the homepage, where everyone lands, had a problem.

It showed a painting, with on it some text: “Exhibition, date, location, welcome”, more or less.

For the rest, the homepage had no text, aside from the navigation menu at the top.

At first site, it looks intriguing.

A sparse look can’t help but raise curiosity, but I guarantee that every visitor will get to a decision point: What next?

In general, there will be two choices: More, or leave?

Now here’s the problem: for reasons to do with psychology, the percentage of people who leave will be higher if you don’t clearly give a ‘this next’ suggestion.

You may think people are old and wise enough to decide for themselves what to do next, and yes.

Of course they are.

But don’t forget that there can be a 1000 reasons why someone chooses to leave.

Busy day, distracted, headache, tired, on a deadline and aware they’re procrastinating, or…

Simply not aware that reading or seeing more might be something they’d enjoy…

… unless you give them the suggestion.

Like it or not, sometimes people just need a little nudge – after all, we all end up tired and unfocused, from time to time.

Your being there with a question, request, or call to action, might be the difference.

Why this matters?

Because it’s hard work getting traffic to your site.

And if they visit and they don’t find what they want at that particular moment, they might leave and be gone forever.

Which makes your time and money investment in getting traffic a loss.

So, always invite people to do something next.

And the most useful next thing to do, when a person hears about you?

Them giving you permission to stay in touch.

Ideally, getting people on your email list.

But think further, think beyond that.

For example, last week at the art walk, I was talking to an artist, who said a visitor that morning said she wanted to buy the painting he was working on, and would be back later.

“So did you finish it?”

“Yes”, he told me.

“So you’re going to call her to come pick it up”.

He blushed: “I’m not a very good student of yours, Martin. I didn’t ask for her number or email address. I just hope she returns”.

My hear sank: what a missed opportunity.

All he would have had to do, is say: “If you give me your phone number, I’ll text you a picture once it’s done”.

The perfect ‘this next’ given the context, don’t you think?

Good chance she’d have agreed and given her number.

Which doesn’t guarantee a sale, but it sure gives you more opportunity than having no way to stay in touch.

Watch people, listen to them, observe closely: they always get to a point where they’re open to a suggested action.

When they get there, don’t miss your opportunity.

Online or offline: tell them what next.

Like so, for instance:

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