Here's How You Know Marketers Are Lying to You

Sometimes I get real annoyed.

Especially when I see people trying to befuddle honest people like you and me.

Here we are, trying to carve out a niche and make a nice living for ourselves.

We have a business, a plan, a strategy, and we’re working hard.

Along comes some supposed marketing guru, telling you:

“Stop, you’re doing it wrong.Forget everything you know, because everything has changed, and business has never been easier.

All you need is this here new product.

Buy this, and you won’t have to worry.

Sales will be automatic and the internet will be your cash machine.”

And then they start telling you all the things you can ignore.

Design? Doesn’t matter, just drive more traffic!

SEO? Hell no, this product drives traffic WITHOUT any SEO!

User experience? You don’t need that, just buy our product.

Content? Dude don’t make me laugh – content is dead. Really, you just need to buy our product and plug it into an outlet.

Email marketing? Yeah I remember that, it was very effective at the end of the 90’s. Dead, these days. Just buy our stuff.

When someone shows you their pitch, and they say “forget everything you know”, that’s when you should be VERY careful.

Probably the best time to close the page.

Unless you want to observe how lies and ripp-offs work.

The mechanism behind this kind of sales tactics is pretty dirty

It’s what I call ‘preying on the weak’ – using incisive emotional stimuli that aim for a knee-jerk reaction.

In doing so, the viewer or reader is being persuaded to suspend judgment and common sense, and to buy essentially out of fear.

Cheap tricks, in my book.

In fact, I say it lacks balls.
If you sell something, and you know what you stand for, and it’s a solid product – then why don’t you let people make up their own minds?

Stimulate their thinking, instead of slyly bypassing their reality-check and pushing them to a fear-based purchase?

Here’s a telltale: When you’re considering a purchase, check your gut.

How do you feel, is there tension?

Tight little feeling, in the pit of your stomach?

That there, my friend, is fear

It was switched on by the marketing material they just showed you.

Don’t buy when you feel that way.

A purchase should feel like: “Yeah, this is good, it makes sense and it’s going to solve my problem.”

If your feelings say: “I’d better buy this, because if I don’t there’s no end of trouble” – that’s when you’ve been manipulated. Best take your leave.

Anyway, enough ranting on this sunny day.

Hope you’re doing well, wherever you are.

And remember:

A good, ethical sale is based on the prospect feeling that the purchase is right, and at the same time knowing it makes sense.

It’s the strategy I use for myself and my clients, obviously.

And it works.

Want some?

Then hit reply and let’s get to work on getting you more saels.

Like I always say: it’s ambassador customers that we want. People who rave about you to others.

The way to get those is by letting them make up their own mind, and you do that by giving them all the reasons why buying from you is a good idea.

Makes sense?

Right, then let’s get you some ambassador customers.

Hit reply and tell me what kind of copy you need – salescopy, emails, optin copy – whatever i can help with.

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