Here, Let Me Prove Some Pudding to You

Reader Susan writes in with a few remarks, following yesterday’s email.

Says she:


Hey… There are websites that cater directly to artist.  That got all bells and whistles and are less then a few hundred a year.

But the artist has to upload and update all info.  We find people took us more seriously when we got our website, vs not.  Though FB appears to be a better platform….

Ps – love what you are doing, and thank you.



Couple of interesting things to glean.

For one thing, the fact that you can get fully tricked out websites, built especially for artists, for a very reasonable fee.

And I do admit, there’s a lot to be said for something automated: you won’t have to learn how PHP works, or HTML and so on.

And I can attest: maintaining my website is one of my least favourite tasks.

Something always seems to want to break when I touch it.

But is the trade-off worth it?

“People took us more seriously when we got our website”.

So when you have your own site, your own platform, people take you more seriously?

I find that fascinating.

Not that I’m the least bit surprised.

Every serious buyer knows that an artist who takes himself seriously is effectively in business.

And if you have your own platform, you demonstrate, for all to see, that you do in fact take yourself and your art and your business seriously.

Final learning: The last line, the PS.

Loves what I’m doing and thanks me.

Before you think I’m bringing that up because I’m arrogant:

It’s got nothing to do with me.

Instead, it’s because of the email system I use, the one I keep saying you would do well to use for yourself.

And, I can teach you how to do it, and send sales getting emails like a boss – in the March issue of the LEAP marketing newsletter.

IF you go here and sign up, before Sunday midnight –>



P.s. I’m currently editing the recording I did with Jimmy, where we go through the survey results and answer the pressing questions and dramatic dilemmas.

And I gotta tell you: there’s a lot of no-holds barred, no-bs, no-excuses goodness in it.

Watch your inbox, I’ll be sending you the download link later today.

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