Heads Up: Core Human Motivations | Risk Aversion | Well-Being

It depends who you talk to: psychologists, neuroscientists and sociologists all have different views on what makes a human being tick.

But there’s one thing they all agree on:

Self-interest is a ubiquitous elemement in all human behavior.

And before you think that I’m espousing a gloomy view on humankind, where we only care about ourselves: I’m not.

There’s different ways to look at self-interest.

There’s the egotistical, ‘me first and screw the rest’ side, and yeah: that gets pretty gloomy the more prevalent it gets.

But there’s also the side that goes ‘me first, so that I can help others’.

A fine example is the airplane instruction ‘Put your own oxygen mask on first, before you help others’.

Makes sense, right?

People without oxygen have been statistically proven to be 100% unable to help anyone else.

So let’s look at that further.

When someone takes care of themselves first, in order to help others, something interesting happens.

At that point, the ‘me first’ becomes a starting point of service.

In a way, the individual makes themselves inferior to the happiness or survival of someone else.

In other words, and seen in a very large view: the person acts in the interest of the species, instead of themselves.

And in that case, the ‘me first’ remains nothing but a jumping-off point.

So a healthy dose of self-interest effectively becomes a tool of evolution.


In that self-interest story, there’s two things you need to be aware of.

The first is risk-aversion.

An individual will always veer towards choices that keep them safest.

And if it’s not a conscious decision, our subconscious will act and decide for us.

When you’re fumbling with your phone and notice too late that the car in front of you brakes, your subconscious has already noticed and automatically put your foot on the brake.

The other one is a constant search for improvement, happiness, and fulfillment.

In other words: humans (as well as every other species) will always seek optimal well-being, in whatever form.

The sunflower turning towards the sun, the bird cleaning its nest, the plant reaching up above the ferns so as to catch light – you get the picture.

Humans are just the same.

Whether consciously or not, we always try to configure our surroundings and our mind and our life so as to increase well-being.

So, let’s bring that back to art sales, and the way you communicate with prospects.

You need to work with the fact that everyone has a radar, a constantly active sensor.

It watches for two things:

Danger, and the opportunity for increased well-being.

When it senses risk, it acts by preventing.

When it sees opportunity, it wants to enable action.

So whenever you communicate with people – be it in real life, in email, on social media or on your website, ask yourself two questions.

Before hitting send or publish or opening your mouth, put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and ask yourself this:

“Can I trust this?”


“Will I get better from this?”

If you can answer both of them affirmatively for the other person, you have a message you can safely send, because there’s nothing in it that can trip the warning mechanism inherent.

But overlook these two very important questions, and you’ll constantly find yourself with less sales than you deserve.

So when that’s the case, step back a little and look at your business and marketing.

Maybe there’s something missing, something that causes a lack of trust, or maybe people don’t really ‘get’ how much they could benefit from your art.

And yes, in both cases you can remedy that if you use email marketing.

And when you get my training, you’ll become very fluent in building trust and demonstrating benefits.

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