Heads Up: Are You Preparing For a Steep Rise in Sales Yet?

Don’t take this the wrong way, but: Are you preparing for the Christmas season yet?

No, I don’t mean you should start promoting Christmas sales just yet.

You’re not a supermarket, and you’re not going to start offering turkey stuffing yet.

What you should do however, is start preparing now.

Right now is the time for you to start thinking of a special Christmas offer that you can make to your audience in a few weeks from now.

Why now?

For one thing, most Christmas sales happen in October and November, not December.

Aside from that, you need time to get it set up.

You’ll need to create an offer, attach a price… create a salespage for it, prepare messages to send to your list…

Test your funnel, perfect your design.

Set up split tests… (extremely important!).

And, you’ll need to have enough time to communicate with your list about your offer.

I mean, it’s not like Dec. 1 you launch your Christmas offer, and suddenly you cash in.

You need to sell it as all sales happen: over time

So, grab a coffee, stare at the wall if it helps, and ask yourself what would be the best Christmas offer you could make.

Base it (of course) on what would most help your audience.

Then create an offer, and a price that is low enough to be enticing, yet high enough for you to make money on.

With that, I suggest getting down to preparing for launch.

If you need help with it, you can of course get in touch with me, because as you know I’m all about creating offers and getting them sold.

Hit reply to tell me how I can help, or go here to read the details (and see the first ever video I put on the web): http://martinstellar.com/high-conversion-sales-copy/



P.s. Yes, I’m taking my own medicine: I’m also preparing a Christmas offer – a package deal at a cut-throat discount, available probably until the first of December.

It’ll include a salespage, a set of emails, a split testing setup and ongoing review of results until the end of the year.

And it’ll be at a real good rate, you’ll see. Details to follow.

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