He Said: "User Experience, Schmoozer Experience" – and It Went Downhill From There

My first ever client years ago was a pretty nice guy, and he seemed pretty smart. At first.

He had built his own language learning system, and it was actually quite good.

WAY better than either Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur.

But his site, which served the learning system to his clients, was crap.

It wasn’t pretty, the navigation lacked logic, and tracking your progress was a bloody hassle.

At some point on a Skype call, I told him that since sales were up a bit, fixing the site would be a great investment.


I began to explain that in business, user experience is – but he cut me short:

“User experience, schmoozer experience. They should just follow the course and not complain. It all works”.

Ever had an ‘uh-oh’ moment?

When something happens, someone says something or you have a sudden insight, and all of a sudden you KNOW:

This just isn’t going to work out – the guy is in the wrong mindset to be in business.

When the guy told me that, I knew he was toast.

He just didn’t get it.

What didn’t he get?

Freely quoting after Jeff Raskin: As far as the user is concerned, the user experience is the product.

That means, everything that goes into the mix.

From your adwords, to your site, your guest posts, your customer service, the colour and size of your opting forms, the thickness of the cellophane your book is wrapped in, the way your staff responds to complaints on Twitter – EVERYTHING about your product and your business is part of user experience.

Just like everything is marketing. It’s all the same.

So focus on people, on solving their problems and making their lives easier, in every aspect of how you run your business.

They’ll thank you for it, and will happily pay you for the privilege.

After all, solving problems for your people is what you’re good at, isn’t it?

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