Hands Down the Best Kind of Marketing There Is? “I’d pay for that”

“Martin are you at home? I have a crate full of oranges for you”.

I tell him that I’m on my way to Switzerland by car, gone for at least a week.

But next time, yes please: “Oranges, mangoes, avocados – whatever you have too much of”.

“Ok Martin”, he says. “Have a safe trip”.

I put it to you that if you do your marketing really right, you can’t ever do too much of it.

Sometimes, people tell me they don’t want to spam their email subscribers, and I invariably say:

You can send daily, twice daily, or eve thrice, as long as you do it right.

Give the people what they want, and they want it all the time.

But in order to do that, you need to deliver real value.

As in: give people something that is valuable in an of itself.

Like the Spanish guy who called me.

He earns money by driving people to and from the airport.

He lives on a little finca, where he has a whole bunch of fruit trees.

And several times a year he shows up at my doorstep with buckets or crates full of produce.

Refuses to take any money: “I need to harvest it anyway, and it’s not enough to sell. So I just give it away. See you next time”.

Brilliant, what that guy does.

That right there is valuable marketing.

He gives away something that costs him nothing or very little, but which has real value to his clients.

Something which, when his produce is out of season, I would pay for and indeed do pay for.

And he doesn’t expect anything in return, except to be remembered.

His intention – aside from being genuinely generous – is to be top of mind with people when they need an airport run.

Helpful marketing.

Best kind there is.

What about you?

You can also give people something that has value to them and comes at little cost to you.

Email marketing, maybe?

Works for me and it would work for you – IF you do it.

And if you do it and do it right, people won’t think it spam, won’t complain, but will in fact thank you.

For your marketing messages.

How cool is that?

It’s not every day that people tell me thanks for these emails, but it happens a lot.

How about you?

You’ll be positively surprised (and your bank account too) if you start marketing in a way that delivers value to people.

And really, I don’t know what method is better than email marketing.

Want me to show you how to write and get all those benefits?

As in: fans, ambassadors, thanks and connections and sales?

Then go here and sign up for my mentorship program —> http://martinstellar.com/starship-mentorprise-writing-coach/

Three months of intense writing training, and your business will never be the same, in a very good way.

Cheers from the road.


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