Getting Sales is Hard If You Sleep In the Toilet Bowl

“Hang on a minute, Martin. I just want to mop up that stain before we go”.

I’m wearing my coat, shoes, scarf, ready to go out.

She walks to the bathroom, grabs a mop on a stick, and walks off to do said mopping.

Goes back into the bathroom, and from where I stand I can see her stick the mop in the toilet bowl and swish it around.

Flushes, wrings out the mop in the strainer thingy on top of a bucket.

Looks at me: “Ya esta. Vamonos”.

You know those ‘uh-oh’ moments, when something tells you the end is coming and it’s just a matter of time?

This was one of those moments.

I ogle her in horror.

“You… How… You don’t think that’s a little unhygienic?”

Scoffs at me: “You, Martin, always something to say – don’t you”.

At that moment I knew our days together were numbered.

I mean, if someone has so little notion of hygiene and cross-contamination – then what must their mind be like?

Tomorrow she’ll mop the floor with the same mop, walk barefoot on the floor, step into bed with those feet…

It’s not exactly the same, but in a way it’s like sleeping in the toilet bowl.

Just – yuck.

As I learned in the weeks that followed, her mind was indeed as dirty as I thought.

And not in the good sense of ‘dirty mind’.

And so the affair did end, and not a moment too soon.

I assume that you have a higher standard of hygiene.  I sure hope so.

But what about your website copy?

People are smart, you know.

They pay close attention to what you say and don’t say.

You may have taken great care to write as best as can – but will people get the right message?

People read between the lines, interpret things – and unless your copy is RIGHT, they might come away with the wrong impression.

And if they do, they won’t buy from you.

Which is why getting me to take a look and fix it for you is a great way to turn more visitors into buyers.

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