Get Rid of That Search Form Already

Today it’s going to be a real short one.

There’s one mistake I see a lot, and it’s real bad for business.

I’m talking about the search box that many people have on their site.

Usually in the top right corner somewhere.

That’s such a pity, because it’s one of the least useful features you could have on your site.

Especially in that position. Because that’s where the people’s eyes spend most time.

Almost anything would perform better there.

If you’d just put your phone number instead of the search form, it would already be better marketing.

“But why?” do you ask. “All the big fancy sites have it.”

Yep. But you’re not Amazon.

You’re not a library or a university. You’re not eBay.

Those guys, they need a search function, for the sheer volume of their catalogues.

We regular folk however, we can do without.

If you need to tell people where to find your content or your products, do it by being smart with your copy.

Choose the words in your top nav bar with care.

Use minicopy and small strategic prompts to provide extra information where necessary.

Or, just stop worrying and have me take care of your site copy for you. Get me started there:

But whatever you do, keep that prime real estate on your site reserved for the number one feature on your site: your email optin form.




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