Gearing Up for the New Year: If You Don't Say 'Yes' to 'No'…

… you will ‘no’ your ‘yesses’.

If you’re like most people, you very likely say yes far too often.

Yes to helping someone who won’t make use of your help.

Yes to a shiny new object – a phone, or website plugin, or an advertisement where you don’t get any return.

Yes to procrastination.

Yes to doing something you know won’t get results and isn’t really all that fun anyway.

Yes to eating stuff that isn’t good for you.

There’s all kinds of reasons we say yes when we really shouldn’t.

People pleasing, fear, lack of clear thinking – but it’s ok, it’s the human condition.

The good thing though is that thinking about this, and changing things, is also part of the human condition.

So for the new year, I’m proposing that you learn to say no.

It’s important to be able to confidently issue a no, when appropriate.

And if you don’t believe me, just look at what happens when you raise a child without ever telling them no.

Anarchy would reign.

No is healthy, good, useful and important and necessary.

If you don’t ‘yes’ your ‘no’s, you will ‘no’ your ‘yesses’.

Meaning, saying yes too often will leave you depleted and short on time for the things that really matter, the things you should wholeheartedly say yes to.

But, you need to know what to say no to.

You can’t just go around giving the negative to everything.

A bit of scrutiny is required.

The reason I’m telling you this is that most people start the new year with resolutions.

And the sucky thing about those is that they don’t stick.

Proven too: researchers keep finding that whatever resolutions people make, they get tossed out as soon as January sets in, more often than not.

So the first ‘no’ I recommend is no to new year’s resolutions.

Instead, say yes to change.

And say yes to change starting today.

Because there’s no point in waiting for a specific date to make change happen.

Change starts right now – or not at all.

Change never starts in the future.

Only now counts, this here moment.

And if change doesn’t start now, the next moment is another opportunity.

Every breath you take you have the chance to change something.

A good thing to change?

Saying yes to everything, and choosing when to say no.

Want to start doing that now, maybe?

Reason I’m explaining this: I realise that it’s going to be too late to create an Xmas special edition of the LEAP newsletter.

By the time you receive it, the holidays will be nigh upon us, leaving you too little time to put it all to use.

I should have created it for the November issue, but that’s gone now. Silly Martin.

So instead, I’m creating a manual for you to work through in December, so as to prepare yourself for a new year of art sales.

Properly, like.

With planning and prioritisation.

And without new year’s resolutions.

Get it, put it to use, and be ahead of the curve when the new year comes around, and all the other artists are still trying to clear the hangover and try to remember what their new year’s resolutions were.

That manual, you can get here –>



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