Freud Was Here: How to Make Lemons Out of Lemonade (Instructions Inside)

This past January, a bunch of things went ‘wrong’ for me.

A visitor falling ill and needing emergency surgery, followed by an impromptu trip to Switzerland – right when I was about to start my busiest year ever.

Not quite what I had planned for.

But in my view, things don’t ‘go wrong’.

Things simply change, and then it’s up to us to either end up in a tizzy and freak out – or to adjust our attitude and decisions.

It’s a type of practical agility, I suppose.

Like they say: when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

A reader told me the other day that he really likes that attitude, and that from now on, he will also ‘make lemons out of lemonade’.

Oops. Freudian slip, anyone?

If you manage to make lemons out of lemonade, you’ll definitely be the life of the party.

But, it’ll also take the party out of your life.

I mean, what do you do, how do you react, when stuff happens?

When things break, or people stop replying, or a buyer disappears right when you thought they would proceed to get your painting?

How, indeed, do you deal with ‘stuff happening’?

When psychomologists tell you that ‘it’s all in your mind’, that right there is a mighty and powerful tool, you know?

You can control your reactions, if only you want to.

You have the power to decide what something means, in your life.

You, my friend, are empowered to say ‘crap, this is lemons’ or ‘rocking, let’s make lemonade’.

Don’t dismiss this.

It’s the difference between living a life of struggle, or dancing elegantly through whatever life throws at you.

And if you think you don’t need to work with it, think again.

Because things are bound to go wrong, sooner or later.

Point is that deciding right here and now to take it in stride and use whatever setback or unfortunate event as a building block for something new, will shield you from stress and frustration.

So tell me, how do you live:

Do you make lemons from lemonade, or the other way around?



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