Fix, Prevent, or Upgrade?

There’s three kinds of value a business can deliver: Fix, prevent, improve.

When something in the world or business of our client is failing, we can offer to fix it. Generate more leads, run a promotional campaign in order to make payroll, quickly implement a social media strategy in order to get more people show up to an event that’s not yet booked full… Whatever it is you do: if there’s an immediate, painful problem, you need to offer your buyer a fast, practical solution.

Then there’s prevention, where there’s fear because of a future risk. Disruption in the marketplace, changing laws or treaties or algorithms… For that kind of client, you use trusted, reliable, proven solutions. You solidify what’s going well, and remove bottlenecks.

And then there’s Improvement&upgrade, where you help your client go from good to great.

Here, you bring knowledge, skills and creative thinking, in order to identify assets to be leveraged, and you bring them together to take a client to a level they couldn’t have reached on their own.

The reason I’m sharing this, is because it’s a handy model for choosing what to work on in our business as well.

Often, we go double effort on trying to fix something that’s failing, hoping that once we’re done, life will be good.

Which may be the right choice, but what if you’d ignore the failing part for the moment, and go for the improve&upgrade first?

There’s things in your business that are working well, that if you were to push forward on them, might end up working awesomely terrifically well.

And sometimes, it’s better to let something that’s broken be broken, and maximise on something that’s already pretty good.

Especially if you know, in your heart of hearts, that you’re going to procrastinate the hell out of the fixing you say you need to implement anyway.

Sometimes, it’s better to do what will work, rather than do what you tell yourself would be right. (i.e. the more ‘should’ in it, the more likely that it’s better to work on an upgrade, instead of a fix).



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