I Should Have Figured This Out Years Ago

Normally, I’m a fairly organised and reasonably productive guy.

Got my daily morning habits, to take care of self before the day starts.

In my calendar there’s a recurring list of daily business development tasks, which I normally complete before noon.

And of course, there’s always the daily email to you, my Constant Reader, which gets written at the start of the workday.

Sounds like Martin is a pretty together guy, right?

Well, not always. Not every day.

And yesterday, one of my mastermind buddies gave me a brilliant insight.

Which is another testimony to the importance of having a mastermind group (did you join/start one yet? Do it! :)

Anyway, this insight: I honestly should have figured it out long ago, but hey: I guess the teacher (or teaching) really does appear once the student is ready.

So in case you’re ready too, I’ll share it with you:


“When your having a bad day, being able to fall back and switch into auto pilot is just critical.

“If you don’t have to think about what needs to be done (because it’s already been decided) then although you might not be functioning 100% you’ll at least still be moving towards the right target.


Hit me like a ton of bricks, that one.

Because if truth be told, I don’t have an autopilot program, beyond my daily biz dev activities.

On days when my routines get disrupted, and I end up unfocused, my autopilot code reads something like ‘flail around aimlessly in a stew of unordered and unprioritised business activities.

And those days are never very productive, and never feel very good.

So guess what’s the next thing I’ll be doing, right after sending you this email?

That’s right: create an autopilot manual for me to fall back on whenever I lose my focus.

And you might want to do the same for yourself.

Because while it’s nice to reach milestones, you’ll never get to those

And of course, if you want help with that, then a coaching conversation will come in handy.

Apply for a complementary strategy session by answering a few questions here –> https://martin283.typeform.com/to/v7Dsh8



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