Fear and How to Not Give a Fying Fluck

I know how paralysing fear can be.

I’ve been afraid of all kinds of things – and in some respects, still am.

But I’ve found a sort of workaround, so here’s my take on things:

If you allow fear to stop you, you’re missing the point.

Fear is there to spur you on, to save yourself, to avoid danger.

It’s not meant to stop you in your tracks – it’s there to make you carve out new tracks, and go down them, quick smart.

In many cases, the best thing to do when we’re afraid is to take action, instead of stand still.

But hat seems like an impossibility: how can you do something right when you’re afraid of doing it?

The trick is to not give a damn.

To stare it down, to acknowledge it’s there, and to do the scary thing anyway.

But you need to not care about the fear, that’s the first thing and it’s the only way that makes action possible.

If you assign it worth, if you take it seriously, then it dominates you and has control.

But the very moment you can laugh fear in the face, you regain control.

All kinds of people know this.

Skydivers, warrior, rock climbers, bungee jumpers.

And, I’d say most all successful people (including artists) know it too.

You can’t ever lose fear, I don’t think.

But you can stop caring, that’s a choice you make.

And if the thing you want to do is so big, or the fear so strong, that you an’t bring yourself to the point of ignoring and bypassing the fear, then you take action on something else, something smaller.

Something that is a small but significant constituent part of that bigger thing you want to do.

That doesn’t feel half as scary, does it?

So do that thing, and then do it again, or pick the next one.

Over time, you’ll grow resilient, immune to the paralysing effect of fear.

Up to the point that you gather enough momentum to take the leap and go full on into the thing that you really want.

Remember: fear is an illusion, a present projection of what the future *might, but likely won’t* bring.

Don’t take it seriously, just do not care.

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