Excuses Out the Window

I typed RUN and hit return.

On the screen appeared “Height (cms)” and I entered 190.


Chest width: 100, Waist: 86, Hip: 90, Neck: 40.


The screen flickered, and in mere seconds, a shirt pattern was drafted.

I stared at it, thinking: Holy crap. I wrote a computer program.

Not that it was very complicated: I already had the proportionate calculations to draft a shirt sloper from the drafting system.

And the program itself was simple and short: maybe 200 lines of code.

Still I was amazed: I never was a techie guy, nor did I ever do well on maths.

And yet, there it was. A correctly drafted shirt pattern.

Even my dad – an expert in writing computer programs – said the code was written quite well.

Here’s why I managed to pull it off, and why that matters to you and your art sales:

Even though it was new territory for me, even though I had no talent or aptitude and even though I was bad at maths…

There was one thing that I was – and still am – good at: learning, and practice.

For months, I worked deep into the night, learning how to program.

I learned and tried, and learned, and tested, and tried… on and on, until in the end I had it.

You can do this too.

Your brain was made to take in knowledge and compute the crap out of it.

You’re meant to grow and evolve and you can do it if only you keep learning and put your learning into practice.

If you want to sell your art and you want to get paid well, then tell me what’s stopping you from learning what you need to know?

A lack of money?

No excuse: everything you need to know is available for free online, with Google as your friend.

Lack of intelligence?

Again, no excuse. You get smarter the more you learn, so why not get with the program already?

Lack of time?

Tricky one, especially these days. And yet, everyone can free up 30 minutes a day, you too.

If you can’t it means that you have other priorities, and if you give it a cold hard look I’m pretty sure you’ll find that some of your daily activities can be dropped.

We all waste time and we can all stop doing that.

In the end, the only reason we don’t learn is that we don’t want the results it brings badly enough.

Maybe because of fear, insecurities or doubts – but those too become smaller the more you learn.

Look, nobody is going to bring you success on a silver platter.

You have to create that for yourself, any way you can.

And you can, if only you get rid of the excuses and put in the hours.

If you’re willing to do that, and if you want to finally get real good at communicating with your audience, I suggest you consider my email marketing mentorship program.

All the stories you have to share, all the knowledge and life-experience you can give people – no matter how irrelevant you may think they are:

They matter to people.

And while you may think that you can’t write well enough, that can be fixed too, again with learning and practice.

If you get on board the Starship Mentorprise, you’ll get the learning, and I’ll help you with the practice.

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