Doing Everything Right – But Not Doing the Most Important

“Martin, I don’t understand why you’re not happy for us.

“We’re getting great results: people are sharing us on social media, they message us to say we’re doing a great thing, we get Likes…

“What’s the problem?

”Can’t you give us a pat on the back for a change?”

I looked at the screen, and realised he hadn’t understood the most important thing about business, even though we had talked about it several times.

Time, therefore, to bring out the big guns.

“Oh I’m happy for you, don’t get me wrong.

“In fact, I’m quite proud of all that you’ve done and the results you’re getting.

“Put differently: You’re doing everything right. It’s awesome”.

A smile on my screen.

“But you’re not doing the most important thing”.

The smile was replaced by a mix of confusion and frustration.

So I told him:

“I really mean it, you’re doing everything right.

“But until you start taking care of the single most important thing in business, you won’t build this business into the empire it deserves to be.

“You need to start taking care of your people.

“Not only your social media audience – I mean *your* people.

“In other words: the people who have subscribed to your email list”.

Clarity on his face. He was beginning to get it.

See, there’s all kinds of things a business needs to take care of.

But the first and most important thing, is your audience.

Your people, those who liked you enough to say ‘Ok, here’s permission to send me emails. Don’t abuse it’.

It’s all very nice to get Likes on Facebook.

But for someone to follow you, and click Like, it doesn’t mean much in terms of business size.

To a large degree, it’s vanity metrics.

It shows that you’re popular, but that doesn’t mean you earn customers, or indeed revenue.

And without revenue, there’s no business.

For someone to click Like or say they like your stuff, that’s an effortless thing to do.

But for someone to give you permission to email, and subscribe?

That’s far more difficult to achieve.

And once people subscribe, you’d better show up and give them meaningful and helpful content.

Whether you deliver teaching, or inspiration, or entertainment or a mix of it – you’ve got to show up and deliver it!

Because here’s the thing: while you aren’t taking care of your audience by communicating relevant and helpful content, your competitor will be doing just that.

Which means that come the time to make a purchase, they’ll go to the other, and not to you.

So today’s question for you is:

In all the things you’re doing right, what important thing are you not doing at all?

And then: what’s the easiest, most helpful, and most enjoyable way to do it?

Can be as easy as writing a daily or weekly email.

Or sending an email with a link to a short, off-the-cuff video.

Could be a daily live video, on Periscope or Facebook.

But something has to happen, consistently, if you want your audience to bond with you, and ultimately, buy from you.

If email is the way you want to go, and you want me to train you on how to write powerful emails that fire people up, in a way that’s effortless for you, I have a mentorship program for you.

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